Our Story

Poe with one of her classes in Thai Nguyen, Viet Nam
After graduating high school in the late 90's, Poekitten went to college (in a small town outside of New York City) and graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Cross Cultural Communications.  After college she moved to China to teach English for a year.  To the dismay of some, she moved to Viet Nam and stayed for two more years.  When she returned to the US after 3 years she wasn't quite sure what she wanted to do...but she knew it wasn't teaching!  Poe couldn't decide what she wanted to do so while she was figuring it out, she got a job as a substitute teacher.  She realized that she had missed being in the classroom.  The sub job lead to a long term sub job which lead to a full time job. 

After graduating high school a year after Poe, The Man packed up his belongings and moved cross country to New York City where he got involved with the theater scene for a few years.  Following jobs he also spent time in Florida and upstate New York.  At some point he realized he needed to go to college.  The only problem...how to pay for it?  He had considered the Air Force when he was graduating high school, so it's not surprising that he thought about joining the military so he could pay for school.  Instead of the Air Force, he joined the Navy at the ripe old age of 27.   

One of our first dates...we visited Old Ironsides
Both were trying online dating.  Poe was trying it off and on while The Man was just using the free profile and hoping that someone who was paying for it would be able to message him.  They saw each others profile and after sending smiles to each other and chatting online, they decided to meet.  They may have talked on the phone once or twice, they can't remember! 

So in May of 2008, They met at the Providence Place Mall.  The plan was to eat lunch and see a movie.  So why they decided to meet at 10 am, they have no idea, because that was way to early for lunch.  So they decided to see the movie first cause it's so much fun to sit next to someone you barely know in a dark movie theater!  They saw Prince Caspian and after they went to Dave & Busters for lunch.  There was eating, talking and playing of games.  More time to talk was needed, so they walked around the mall.  They still weren't ready to leave, so they walked around Providence.  Around 4:30 The Man walked Poe to her car where they made plans for the next weekend and he gave her a big hug.  

The Man & Poe after he proposed on a sunset cruise in Newport, RI.
In July they were talking about getting married.  In August he proposed. In September he moved cross country.  During the winter he lived in a submerged tube for six months while she planned wedding, taught full time and tried to prepare for moving cross country.  

He returned in one piece and in August of 2009, they got married, packed up Poe's apartment (with the help of her roommate, their parents and his oldest brother, his wife and daughter) into a U-Haul trailer and drove cross country (complete with camping in Yellowstone and sleeping in a tent with two kitties).  They put the stuff in storage, found a place to board the kitties and went on their honeymoon- an Alaskan Cruise.  By the time the cruise came along, they were more than ready to relax.  Time passed quickly and before they knew it leave was over and The Man had to go back to work.

First dance

Once they returned home, they got housing and Poe settled into life as a housewife.  While there have been times she's struggled with being a stay-at-home-wife, she loves being married to The Man.  The first few months were hard, not really knowing many people, being lonely and figuring out her new identity. Poe now loves the area where they are living...it's helped that she's made friends and they've found a church that they are active members of. 

The craziness didn't stop...they bought a house and are continuing to make it their own.   They added two dogs to the family and a baby girl who is now a toddler. Life is good and for that we're so thankful.

Poe with the kitties in the tent in Yellowstone