April 11, 2014

Crustless Quiche

Many Waters Crustless QuicheI must admit that one my favorites parts of the quiche is the crust.  I love a good, flaky crust.  I’m already keeping an eye on my carbs due to developing gestational diabetes with Munchkin.  (I must admit I have slacked a little as oyster crackers and pretzels have been my go to snack with nausea.)  Even though I like to eat crust, I don’t like making it so I usually sweet talk The Man into making it.  He didn’t have time so that was another good reason to go crustless.  Whatever the reason, this quiche was still yummy!

April 9, 2014


One of Munchkin’s most favorite things in the whole wide world is going down the slide.  She loves it.  I think she loves the wind in her face…she’s such as adrenaline junkie.  It’s pretty rainy in the spring here in the PNW.  This past March broke the record with the amount of rainfall we had.  With all that rain we didn’t get to the playground all that often.  A friend had given us a little tykes plastic slide last year and it was sitting out on the porch in the rain.  She was standing at the sliding door saying “bye-bye!” and “wee!” So I decided to bring the slide in the house and dry it off.  Why I didn’t think of this sooner is beyond me.  She LOVES having the slide in the house.  It keeps her happy so it keeps me happy!

 Many Waters Indoor Slide Fun

This is one happy girl!

Many Waters Happy Girl

April 7, 2014

Easter is for Families

Every year our church holds an event called Easter is for Families.  It’s two hours packed with fun activities that share the truth of Easter.  I attended last year with Munchkin but left early.  At seven months she wasn’t too into it.  This year The Man was able to go with Munchkin and I.  We had a lot of fun!  It was hanging out with our friends too.
Many Waters Easter Family Photo

April 4, 2014

Flashback Friday #5

What’s Flashback Friday you wonder?  It’s a chance to pull out a favorite post or two from your archives and share them again!  We all have great posts from the past and we don’t want to forget them!  So link them up and get some new love on them.

April 3, 2014

Ultimate Blog Party 2014

Hi!  Welcome to Many Waters!  I’m so glad you stopped by.  I’d love to have a witty or funny post but the truth is that I struggle to write these intro posts.  Maybe it’s because in real life, in a room full of people I don’t know, I’m shy.  I tend to stick to people that I know.  I do enjoy meeting new people, just more one on one instead of in a big, overwhelming group (does anyone else find these lists of amazing blogs overwhelming?!?!)  I find it hard to talk about myself sometimes or know where to start to make small talk.  So here goes nothing:Many Waters Family Photo