July 22, 2014

Toddler Heaven

This last weekend we had a heat advisory as the temps were going to be in the 90’s for an extended period of time.  Yes, I can hear all of you that don’t live in the PNW laughing your butts off.  It’s hot for here and being 6 months pregnant it was uncomfortable, especially when you don’t have an A/C to escape too.  So The Man and I decided to escape to one of our favorite places, the beach at Fort Worden in Port Townsend.  It’s about an hour away and is usually 8-10 degrees cooler.  So I packed a lunch for us, Munchkin’s sand toys and we headed out after church.

Many Waters Fort Worden Port Townsend WA

It wasn’t super hot when we left but that can be deceiving (it actually didn’t end up getting as hot as they expected but it was ok, we had a great time!)  It was cooler when we got there…in fact, The Man pulled on a jacket while we ate lunch!  As we took Munchkin out of the car, she got super excited.  She could see the sail of boat over the dunes plus there were container ships out in the Sound and the ferries were doing their daily crossings.  She kept saying “boat! boat!” and blowing them all kisses.  Then a plan flew over head and she was super excited to see an “airpane” and blew it kisses too.  Planes kept going overhead and she loved it.  She gobbled up her lunch and we headed to the beach.

Many Waters Lunch Time

Many Waters Heading to the beach

It was windy like normal on the beach but it was still comfortable.  We had brought an umbrella for some shade and The Man set that up while Porah gazed at the boats up close.  Then she saw another favorite item…rocks!  Oh, this little girl was in HEAVEN.  As soon as she had one in each hand she made the trek to the water to throw them in.  She loves throwing rocks in the water.  It was a little trickier here as she didn’t like the waves so she would stand further back.  Some of them made them into the water and some didn’t.

Many Waters Fort Worden Many Waters Playing in the Sand at Fort Worden Many Waters Playing in the Sand Many Waters Walking with Mama

We stayed for a few hours, finding rocks and throwing them, playing in the sand and walking along the beach.  It was very comfortable.  On our way out we stopped at the Coast Auxiliary Museum since we hadn’t done it before.  Normally we stop and get ice cream in town but I was tired and I wanted Munchkin to fall asleep so we skipped it this time.  I think this means we need to go back soon so we can have some (not that I need it or should have it on the GD diet!)  All in all, it was a perfect way to spend a Sunday.  I love that we do it a couple times a year.  I hope the kiddos enjoy it and look forward to it and will remember it as family fun.

Many Waters Eye of the Cannon Many Waters Mama Hug Many Waters Projectile

July 18, 2014

Bullet Point Friday

I have several posts waiting to finished up so I can publish them but my brain is fried and I have no desire to work on them right now.  It’s summer, it’s warm and it’s been a long week.  I think I can handle bullet points, so here we go:

July 16, 2014


Dearest Munchkin~
Two years ago you were born and our lives have not been the same.  It’s been so much better than we expected.  Your daddy and I love being your parents.  You bring us such joy.  We love watching you grow and learn.  You’re a happy little girl.  We love spending time with you.  You have the best laugh and even when you’re grumpy you’re adorable. 
Many Waters Family Photo Munchkin's 2

July 14, 2014

A Big Girl Bed & Weaning

With Punkin in the way, The Man & I knew that it was time to move Munchkin out of our bed.  We didn’t want to wait too long and have Munchkin think she was getting kicked by the new baby.  Plus we only have a queen and with a growing tummy, I need a little more room to move around and get comfy in.  My side of the bed is softer than Munchkin likes (we have a sleep number) so she would wake up often and roll into my side when I got up to go potty at night.  Many Waters Getting A Big Girl Bed & WeaningWe just kept waking each other up.  I was a little sad to move her and I LOVE snuggling with her but I knew it was time.

July 11, 2014

Minnie & Friends

The first thing we had scheduled for our trip to Disneyland was a character breakfast.  The Man, Nana & I were all excited for Munchkin to meet some of her favorite characters and we thought that this would be a perfect way to do it.  We decided on the Minnie & Friends breakfast at the Plaza Inn at the end of Main Street in the park.  I’ve done several character meals at Walt Disney World and I was expecting to see four characters.   I was blown away by the number of characters that visited us while we ate breakfast!  We had twelve different characters come by our table.  It was hard to find time to eat because there was always someone new coming by!  We had an 8:40 reservation and when we got to the restaurant it was pretty empty.  So several of the characters came by our table two and three times.    

Many Waters Minnie & Friends