October 17, 2014

Preparing for Baby #2

When I was pregnant with Munchkin, my first child, I was researching everything.  I mean EVERYTHING…strollers, car seats, cloth diapers, carriers, high chairs.  You name it and I was looking into it.  It felt like I was making monumental decisions that would affect her for the rest of her life.  I know that if you’re a mom, you’re laughing at me and hopefully laughing along with me because you did the same thing.  I needed to look into all these things because we had NOTHING.  There was next to nothing child friendly about our house.  Over time through buying things. the generosity of hand me downs and family and friends at showers, our house slowly filled with baby items.  When you walk in our house now there is no doubt that a child lives here.  She’s left her mark on every room in the house, from her pillow on our bed, the bath toys in the tub, the sippy cups in the kitchen and the toys and books in her room and the living room.  Oh, and don’t forget the play structure in our back yard that you can’t miss when you park in our driveway. 

Preparing for Baby #2

October 15, 2014

Multnomah Falls

The Man and I spent the past weekend in Oregon by the Columbia River.  We were there for a marriage enrichment retreat.  You know, because traveling four hours south when you’re 35 weeks pregnant is a good idea.  We’ve been wanting to go to one for a few years and figured if we didn’t go to this one who knows when we’d get a chance to make it to one!  Anyway, it was fine and we had a great time.  We were encouraged by the things we have already been doing and given some great tools and ideas on how to improve.  One of my favorite parts of the weekend was date night. 

Many Waters Multnomah Falls OR

October 10, 2014

Dressed Up Green Beans

I didn’t like green beans growing up.  I thought they were gross, mostly because they tasted boring.  I didn’t change my mind on green beans until I was living in China.  My apartment mate, Amy, liked green beans and she would make them.  We took turns cooking and to not eat them would have been rude.  I figured I had to at least try them again before I decided I didn’t like them.  Amy grew up eating them one way with a “special” ingredient.

Many Waters Dressed Up Green Beans

October 8, 2014

“Baking” Cookies With Nana

One of the things Nana was looking forward to doing with Munchkin when she moved out here was baking cookies.  It’s such a Nana thing to do.  Well, it’s such a fun thing for anyone to do with a kiddo.  I think my mom really wanted to do it after watching and helping her sister bake with her grandkids.  Now that she has a small kitchenette, she can do some baking after a fashion.  She only has a toaster oven but you can do a lot with that (trust me, I know from living in Asia!) Nana also doesn’t have a lot of counter space, so she made due with what she had.  She bought the premade Pillsbury cookie dough with pumpkins on them to make with Munchkin.  You know, the kind you just plop on the cookie sheet and bake?  Yup, that’s the cookies that they baked.  I don’t think Munchkin minded though.

Many Waters Baking With Nana

October 6, 2014

Riverfront Park, Spokane, WA Part Two

Riverfront Park in Spokane is so awesome that it deserves TWO posts!  We had stopped and only scratched the surface on our way to Helena, MT.  So on our way back through Spokane when were headed home we decided to stop again.  There were some things we wanted to do, namely, ride the carousel again, ride the train and let Munchkin ride the ponies.

We were afraid the ponies would be gone by the time we got there so we rushed to get there.  Thankfully the pony people were still there!  We got the very last ride of the day.  Talk about great timing!  Munchkin was SUPER excited and kept pointing to ponies and saying “horsies” while we waited.  We were on the outside of the fence, since they had already closed up shop.  Then they were asking who was still left to ride and we said US!  They let us in and got Munchkin up on a pony.  Her daddy walked with her.  She did great petting the pony while riding and holding on.  She wasn’t scared at all!  She loved every second of it.

Many Waters Petting the Pony