August 11, 2010


We like to make things from scratch (The Man makes it and I like to eat it).  We decided to try to make pasta.  The Man turned to our trusty red & white cookbook and realized that pasta is pretty easy...basically flour and eggs.  We added some spinach & smokey red pepper seasoning to it.

Rolling out the pasta dough

A close up of the dough

Drying the pasta...we ran out of room so we had to lay it out on paper towels

While we were waiting for the pasta to dry, The Man made bread

He made a cinnamon & raisin loaf

The finished pasta dressed in homemade basil pesto

The pasta was delicious paired with peas and grilled steak

The finished loaf of bread

I'm not quite sure what I'm going to do when the man disappears under the water again...guess I have to learn to make bread!


  1. I love your counter tops!
    And your food in your last few posts looks so good. Neither of us are cooks. If I am ever in the area I am so coming to your house for dinner! :D

  2. Homemade pasta is so delicious. My family is Italian, so we've made pasta, ravioli, cappaletti...yum. Wish my husband cooked, though - I'm jealous! :)

  3. I'm spoiled by the fact the hubby LOVES to cook:) Mowenackie, ravioli is on the list to make soon! Im looking forward to it. And Megan, feel free to stop by for dinner:)

  4. I love your blog...I too hope to find as much excitement as you have while we're here in Washington. BTW the food looks awesome!! My husband cooks,but nothing like this neither do I lol...time to go buy more cookbooks :)


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