September 30, 2010


We're not like most parents in that we play ball in the house.  The ONLY toy Miss Molly will play with is her tennis ball.  The Man enjoys harassing her by hiding it.  When she can't get to it she barks.  He also throws is down the hallway.  Call us bad parents but we laugh as she slips chasing after it.  She's hysterical.

So the other day The Man was sitting on the sofa and threw her ball towards the fireplace.  It came to rest under the bottom mantel.  Instead of barking Miss Molly tried to to get the ball.  She couldn't reach under far enough with her head.  She moved the wood that we keep on the side.  She kept going back and forth.  It took her a few minutes but she eventually got it and came out with her head covered in soot.  I didn't know there was soot there Molly, thanks for cleaning for me!

We had a good laugh over this so The Man decided to recreate it.  It took a little bit as the ball kept bouncing back.  This time I had the camera and was able to capture Molly trying to get her ball.

She's moving wood out of the way.  Notice the easy attainable ball
Howling cause she can't get her ball

Trying to get the ball with her paws
She finally got her ball.  What a happy, dirty puppy!


  1. Cutest thing ever!!!

    Especially the howling thing!


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