October 31, 2010


My friend A called me a few weeks ago and told me of a deal that Argosy cruise lines was running; half price tickets for members of the military.  She wanted to know if we wanted to join her for a lunch cruise?  Our response?  YES!

We took the ferry over to Seattle.  I love taking the ferry.  It's relaxing and I never get tired of the view.  We didn't have much of one today due to the fog.  We did see some sea lions relaxing on some buoys, which is a common sight.  I REALLY want to see some orca before I leave the Pac Northwest so I always keep an eye out for them.  It's rare that they'll come that far in but it does happen. A girl can hope!

We got there a little early so poked around some of the shops on the waterfront.  They have cute stuff, even if most of it is aimed at tourists!  I picked up a few postcards for the postcard swap & for postcrossing and a few other things as well.  As we made our way to Pier 56 it started raining (drizzling) harder.  It was ok since we were going to be inside!

My friend A
We were shown to a window view table in the dining room.  It ended up being pretty empty which was nice.  We were given the menu and able to chose from some delicious options.  After much debate we decided what we wanted.  For the next two hours we enjoyed delicious food and good conversation.  I don't think that there is a better definition of great afternoon.  The only thing that would have made it better was a clear day so we could enjoy Mt. Rainier  & the Olympic Mountains.

Because I LOVE to take pictures of food you'll get to see what we enjoyed while cruising around Elliot Harbor.
Our pre-meal drinks.  Mine was the one in the back, a peach cobbler.  Super yummy and I could have drank it all afternoon.  Our drinks were followed by warm bread.

Our first course was either soup or salad.  The Man got the salad, A & I decided to have the butternut squash soup.  It had a deep, earthly, cuminny flavor.  Amazing.

While we were waiting for our entree we passed more sea lions being lazy.  We also passed a Navy ship.  We tried to figure out what ship it was but were unsuccessful.  Oh well.  We all decided to have the flank steak.
The flank steak was delicious.  It had a Thai teriyaki sauce that had a nice little kick.  After that it was time for coffee (tea for me) and dessert.  Oh my.  We were already pretty full but managed to to make room for our choices.  A had raspberry cheesecake while The Man & I got the Dark Chocolate tower of decadence.  It was rich and chocolaty. 

Are you hungry yet?

During the second hour we were able to listen in to the Harbor Cruise Tour Guide.  I learned some interesting things, like Boston gets more rain that Seattle.  Really?!  I think we just have more cloudy days here.  I also learned that the Port of Seattle is the 5th busiest in the country and that Elliot Bay is as deep as the Space Needle is tall.  Another interesting fact is that a lot of the Alaskan fishing fleet is housed in Seattle, including most of the boats featured on Deadliest Catch.  We got to see some of the Coast Guard Ice Cutters and some container ships.

The view pulling away from the pier
We got home in time for The Ducks football game.  It was a chilly in the house so we turned up the heat and built a fire.  A great ending to a great day!

In case you were wondering, The Ducks beat USC, 53-32.  We're loving our Ducks...#2 in the country:)

What did you do this weekend?


  1. Oh man, that sounds like an amazingly fun afternoon date! And the food looks delish!! I grew up in California (now live in Michigan) and I soooo miss the pacific ocean. I really want to go to Seattle too!!!

  2. This is so you - picture taking of food!! Sounds like you had an awesome time, nice and relaxing and filling!!

  3. Thanks so much for sharing. We were just transfered to the great PacNW in August and I'd never heard of this cruise line. Sounds like a good idea for our anniversary that's coming up in two months. :)

  4. What a fun day... the food looks amazing! I love butternut squash soup. My weekend was very chill (because of my car situation)... hung out with Booges, I'm sure he was happy to be home with mama all weekend.

  5. I am so homesick looking at your pictures.

    Another fun cruise is through the Ballard locks.

  6. I just learned Ducks are #1 now. My brother is very happy, you know, Oregon Alumni... LOL

  7. Hi there visiting from Amanda & Don's "Saturday Around The World", I'm visiting from Canada ... sounds like a fabulous time... and I love your postive attitude,and not letting rain dampen your outing...HHL


  8. Hey Lady! I left you an award over at my blog! :D

  9. So awesome! Definitely going to have to check this out!


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