October 14, 2010

Kitchen Improvements

I love that I married a handy man and that he enjoys doing projects around the house.  We were picking up some paint for the sewing room and checking out flooring prices.  Flooring is expensive.  We're going to have to special order the floor that we like best and I just want to make sure that that's the one we really want!  We decided that we would work in the kitchen instead.  We've been wanting to add a cabinet next to the stove and a 1/2 wall behind the stove.  We were in need of more counter tops!

The stove area before
We were going to buy a matching cabinet to the ones already in our kitchen (they had recently remodeled the kitchen before we bought it) since I wanted it to match.  When we went to look at them we realized the price went up...a lot.  For 1/2 the price we could buy an unfinished one and stain it to match.  Since the "old" cabinets and the new one aren't going to be right next to each other I'm okay with it.  The Man managed to find a stain that is VERY, VERY close to the original cabinets.

The Man also bought what was needed for the 1/2 wall and for the counter top.  I'm so excited that we'll finally have counter space by the stove AND a matching counter top on top of the dishwasher.  My counter tops are going to match:)  I'm very excited if you can't tell.  I never knew I would be so excited about home improvements!  My mother told me the day would come when I would like Home Depot & Lowe's.  I didn't believer her.  Mom, you were right.  I finally like Home Depot & Lowe's now that we own a house and can do what we want to it! 

The kitchen isn't done but we're loving the way it is now.  Next on the list is cabinets for the pantry...in a few months!

What's a post without pictures?  Here are some of The Man working hard!

Putting up the wall frame with some Molly help

Adjusting the cabinet
Wall with the counter top
Putting the counter top on the dishwasher


  1. Good job! My father-in-law is big on the DIY house projects, and I know the day we finally buy a place he'll have lots of advice. My own family...uh, notsomuch. Can't wait to see some of your other improvements!

  2. Cat,my parents are not handy either. They call themselves fric & frag and are amazed any time they manage to do something to the house and it's still standing. They're getting pretty good actually!


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