November 11, 2010

A Month of Thanks; Veterans

I think our veterans deserve a huge THANK YOU from all of us.  They have served in all branches of our military, doing their job, a small piece of a much bigger picture, to protect the constitution of the Unites States.  Often their job took them away from family & friends.  They missed out on important events so they could keep us free.  They turned their spouses into single parents, holding things together at home so they focus on their jobs.  Many of them lost their lives defending our freedom.  Thank you seems too small at times.  That is all I have to offer, so I will offer it with a sincere heart.  Thank you.

I'd like to especially remember the Veterans in my family.  My grandfather Fredrick, my uncles Peter & Steven,  my father-in-law Bruce, my brother-in-law Tony & my sister-in-law Darlene.   They served in the Army, Navy & Air Force.  And lastly, I don't want to forget my husband.  I'm so proud of him.  Thank you!  I love you all!

I'd also like to thank the military spouses & kids.  They are often overlooked yet they sacrifice as well.  Thank you for holding things together at home, for the support you show you sailor/solider/airman/any other military member I've forgotten.  Thank you.

Have you thanked a veteran and/or military family today?


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