December 27, 2010

BBC-The Hunger Games

KK at Navy Wife, Navy Life runs a blog book club.  I recently found her site and the book club.  Since I just devoured The Hunger Games series I thought I would answer the questions...and do my best to not think past the first 100 pages!  I'll be honest though, I"m not sure where the hundred page mark is since I read it on my new Kindle.  The whole story is whirling around my head.  I'm a fast reader and it's not uncommon for me to miss little details.  I'm going to read the book again and try to focus on details this time!

1. What do you think of the relationship Katniss has with Gale?

Gale is her best friend.  Katniss doesn't let people in easily and by her own admission it took them a long time to become friends and start working together.  She doesn't trust easily and the death of her father at an early age and the withdrawal of her mother hurt her.  She's been in charge for a long time and isn't used to sharing that burden with anyone...except Gale.  She doesn't have to tell him of her difficulties because he is well aware of them.  In that way he helps her.  I don't think she realizes how much he means to her.

2. A piece of me wanted Gale to volunteer also, to protect Katniss. How did you feel about the situation?
I was totally expecting Gale to volunteer to go to help keep Katniss safe.   I was shocked when he didn't.  I think she would have been upset if had though.  She's expecting to die in the arena and knowing that Gale will make sure her mother & sister have food will comfort her.  She's still going to worry about them but at least she knows that Gale will watch out for them.

3. Why do you think the capitol treats the tributes so well before they go to the games?

All of the tributes, minus one, are facing a life sentence.  They have been sentenced to death and just as we allow those on death row a meal of their choice before they die, they are treated well before they die.  It may be seen a compensation for death.  Really, it's the least they can do.  

4. Why are they having Peeta & Katniss show they are united before the games start? Is it a good idea or a bad one?

 After reading this part again, I wonder what Cinna is thinking.  What he knows.  What he intends.  What he wants to happen.  I think that showing a united front would is unusual since there is only one who lives.  It's something else that would help District 12 stand out.  It could be good or bad.  Good to let the other tributes know they can expect them to work together.  Bad because it might make them more of a target.  I think Haymitch says it best..."Just the perfect touch of rebellion." (Location 969-79)

5. What was the point of Katniss shooting the arrow into the Gamesmakers table?

She did it in anger.  She was being ignored.  "Suddenly I am furious, that with my life on the line, they don't even have the decency to pay attention to me.  That I'm being upstaged by a dead pig."  (Location 1267-77)  Her life means nothing to the people in the Capitol.  The Hunger Games are entertainment for them...they don't see the tributes as people.  They don't see them as people with emotions.  They were bored at this point since they had seen 23 other tributes before her.  Her life doesn't matter to them so why should they pay attention to her?  They won't unless she makes them pay attention to her.  She didn't think through her actions, didn't think of the consequences.  She just acted out in her anger.

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  1. Oh, this is great! I'm a fast reader, too and I like to re-read books again and I always find details that I missed the first time.

  2. I'm so glad you are reading! AND you're thought are exactly the same as mine to a T!

    I love these books(I read them a few months back and don't mind re-reading at all!)

  3. I just bought the books today! I didn't read your answers to the questions because I haven't actually read them yet but I heard they are amazing! When I finish reading them I'll def come back and compare notes about what you thought :]


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