December 12, 2010

Being A Tourist

I hate being a tourist.  I like to blend in.  I think it comes from living overseas and wanting to blend in even though there was no way I was going to.  While Meg was here the one place she wanted to go was Pike's Place Market.  I LOVE Pikes Place.  The only thing I love more in Seattle is the Space Needle (I have an ongoing fascination with the Space Needle and will use any excuse I can think of to visit it!).  It was no hardship to go with Meg.  I even brought my camera so I could play tourist.

We got there mid-afternoon on a Sunday.  I didn't realize that the market closes around 5 so we didn't have that much time.  We did have enough though.  We strolled by through the market looking at all the wares the vendors were selling.  I love just looking.  We tasted all sorts of caramel and jellies, tried different kinds of fruit that were being offered and watch some fish being tossed.  I got some of the gourmet pasta that The Man  & I love.  Meg got some Christmas gifts.  My friend A also came and she picked up a few things as well.  

Since I had my camera I as able to get some good shots.  Here they are for your enjoyment:

A very bad picture of the market

Meg taking a picture of the market before we got Starbucks

The setting sun

This made me think of the Narnia series.

A pretty sunset

Mt. Rainer with Qwest & Safeco Fields

I love the lights as the sun sets

Do you have a favorite touristy place?  What is it and why do you like it?


  1. Beautiful pics... Seattle is on my Bucket List for sure and now want to visit the Market. :o)

  2. I'm with you on the tourist part. Living in any part of Asia really makes you crave the animity (sp?) of being in America.

    Glad you had fun at Pike's Place. Ever done the Seattle underground tour? That's fun too!

    My favorite touristy thing is probably to wander around towns and historical places and just enjoy them. It's fun to check out new places and since military move around we always have opportunity to find new things often.

  3. I love Pike Place... it is one of my favorite places. When I go we always HAVE to hit "Piroshky Piroshky" at the end of the market (across the street) on Pike Street and get an Apple pastry. (They are made from Granny Smiths and are like a tart Russian cinnamon roll) and we always HAVE to walk down to the pier and go to the candy shop and get salt water taffy and wander through "Ye Olde Curiosity Shoppe." Getting a bowl of Ivar's chowder in a bread bowl or going to get a microbrew at Pike Place Brewery are always great to dos also!

    Your pics of WA give me a little glimpse of home. Thanks!

  4. Great post!! When we were stationed in West Africa it was not exactly a blending-in moment EVER. I grew up in Philadelphia so now as an adult when I go home and I actually notice the tourist I completely get what your saying! Thanks for stopping by the round-up.

  5. When my husband was stationed at Ft. Lewis, I loved going to Pikes Market. I always ended up leaving there with some kind of trinket that I didn't need.

  6. Great pictures! And the Turkish Delight made me think of the Narnia series too.

    I'm totally blanking on the tourist thing. I've been to so many places, they're all blurring together!


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