January 6, 2011

Hi Thursday

You came out of nowhere this week.  I'm not sure where the week has gone.  I'm not complaining mind you, just surprised that it's Thursday.  That's a pretty good surprise, don't you think?

I'm sitting here eating my lunch of left over Buffalo Chicken Wing Soup wondering what to post about today.  Then I realized that I don't think I've shared about this soup before.  It's so yummy!  My only complaint is that it doesn't make very much and I usually forget to double it.  I have left overs because I only had a little last night before my show and I told The Man had could have more but HAD to leave me enough for lunch today.  Amazing man that he is, he did.

What I love about this recipe is that I have NEVER made it exactly like the recipe but it's always good.  It calls for Velveeta which we almost never have in the house so I normally just use the cheddar that we do have.  I also usually out in more broth...close to two cups instead of the 2/3 cup and it comes out fine.  This last time we were out of buffalo chicken wing sauce so I just put in some hot sauce that we had and a bit of a golden barbecue sauce and it's really yummy.  I've even done carrots instead of celery and it was still good!

It's cold and rainy here, so I'm glad I had soup for lunch!

What's your favorite soup?


  1. I cannot believe it's Thursday either! This week has really flown by. That soup sounds good! I've been making a Crock Pot Minestrone soup. Perfect for days like today when it's cloudy and cold outside!

  2. Well, I know it's Thursday, I've worked all week!!! I love the picture and paper on the blog-especially since I got to see the real thing!! Haven't tried the soup, not sure if I will, but love having soup on wet, cold days. Could use a few new crock pot recipies - anyone have any they would like to share?

  3. Oh, that soup looks amazing!

  4. Time does fly. Nice change in your banner picture by the way -- pretty! Not sure this soup is really my cup 'o tea, but I'm making your potato chowder recipe tomorrow for dinner.

  5. ooo thanks for the crock pot website its been way too long since ive made something in mine!

  6. yum! that soup looks amazing. thanks for sharing, because I am definitely going to make it.

  7. That sounds yummy!! I'm going to try that recipe out.... thanks for sharing!


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