January 7, 2011

The Joys of Being a Homeowner

We love owning our own house.  We really do.  Then there are the other times.  Last night was one of those times...

Stackable washer/dryer in the kitchen
When we bought the house, there was a stackable washer/dryer in the kitchen.  I don't know about you, but I don't want to do laundry in the kitchen.  Thankfully there was an extra "bonus" room downstairs.  There aren't any windows to the outside in the room so we thought it would make an excellent laundry/storage room.  And it does.  We've put non-stackable washer and dryer in there and The Man added some shelves for me.  I love it.  There's just one teeny tiny problem.  I've been known to flood downstairs.  I've done, oh, three or four times in the eight months we've lived here. 

Sometimes it's because the drainage hose has come out of the pipe and other times it's because the pump hasn't been working.  Last night it was the pump.  I didn't know that The Man had unplugged it so he could plug in his new router to try it out.  I was hit with a bit of motivation to do a load of laundry while he was out last night.  No problem.  Until I go downstairs and see that the furnace room is covered in water.  That water also likes to seep into the laundry room & the sewing room.  It's a big fat pain the behind!  It was great when I told him.  He walked in the door, gave me a kiss and said what's up.  I told him that I did a load of laundry.  He knew right than what happened...I didn't have to tell him.  I let him eat dinner while I sucked up the water.

The second time it happened we took up the rug so it wouldn't mold.  It's not such a big deal now since it's just a concrete floor.  We also bought a shop vac so we could vacuum up the water.  Easy right?  Except for the fact that we bought a baby one and it only holds 2.5 gallons.  It has to be emptied more times that I care to admit.  It's a pain and I've come to hate it.  I think we should use the money from Sear's Hereos at Home gift cards on a bigger shop vac.  What do you think?

I'm concerned about mold and wood rot since the walls keep getting wet.  It's a project that we don't want to deal with but will have to...just not at the moment.  Maybe once I've stopped soaking the floor!  There's one more thing that makes it even better.  We just got an area rug for the sewing room and it's soaked.  I took the shop vac to that too and got water out of it.  If it was a nice sunny day I'd put it outside to dry.  It's not though...it's a normal rainy, chilly, gray overcast day here in the Pacific Northwest.  I'm just thankful that it's not snow!

Are there any mishaps that you keep doing at your house/apartment?


  1. Glad to hear you got the Heroes at Home gift card!

    We rent, so usually someone else comes and fixes things (which I love!). Our laundry is in our pantry, and luckily has a door so we don't have to hear it. Putting the W/D next to the fridge is kinda ridiculous, in my opinion but I've seen it in a lot of older places.

  2. That's not fun! In our old apartment, our bathroom ceiling would always leak. Even though it was "fixed" numerous times. So far, nothing has happened in our house! *knock on wood*

  3. Ugh!! That's how my apartment was. I'd be cooking dinner and the washer and dryer would be so annoying and LOUD!!! Plus, who wants to smell detergent when you're making food? Not me.

    Anyway, I have a surprise! I don't know if you accept awards, but i am giving you the Versitile Blogger Award because in the short time I have known you, you have been sweet, eager, and a great blogging friend. So, to see more about this just head over to my blog via this link...



  4. As of a few days ago, we are officially no longer homeowners! Such a relief! I much prefer to just call someone and tell them I flooded the house vs. having to clean it up myself! =)


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