January 30, 2011

Q & A

My humble little blog now has 200+ followers.  I'm shocked that so many of you want to read what I write.  Thank you for taking time out of your busy day to spend time with me!    I've been thinking that some of you might has some things that you'd like to know.  I'd love to do a Question and Answer post...but to do that, I need your questions!  So send me your questions, by either leaving a comment or emailing me at thoughtsfrompoekitten (at) gmail (dot) com.  Once I have some questions I'll post the answers.



  1. Hmmmm....your 101 in 1001 days caught my eye and got me thinking. Especially #19....Going without the internet...for a week! Yipes!

    Here's my question...
    How will you manage not being connected, in some way, to the internet, for a week?

    Have a lovely day!

  2. What's the thing you miss most about New England? (and if you say the snow, I might cry). ;)

  3. What's the story behind Poekitten? The name, that is.

  4. YEAH! a friend of mine did this a few months ago and it was so much fun. I can come up with some pretty wacky questions, but hopefully they are fun too. Here we go...

    If you were a character in a book, who would you be?

    If you could change one thing about your everyday routine, what would it be?

    What is your dream job?

    If you knew for certain that the world would truely end in just over a year, what would you do with the rest of your life?

    If you could take the place of one actor/actress in a movie, who's place would you take and in what movie?

    What televsion show is the most like your life?

    Perhaps I will think of more later, but this should get you started.

  5. If you could be an Bibical characater OT or NT who would it be and why?

  6. If you could go back to before you married what is one thing you wish you could "do over" and how do you think it would change who you are now?

  7. Congratulations on your 200+ readership!! :) What is your favorite place to travel to for culture?

    Being a traveler myself I know that may be a hard question but its always a fun one to mull over. Hope you are having a fantastic Sunday!

  8. Congratulations on having so many followers!
    This is my first time commenting. I am fairly new to blogging and have only 3 followers. My question to you is....
    Have you ever advertised your blog anywhere? I hope one day I will have 200 followers also. :) Congrats, again!


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