February 10, 2011

All You Need Is {Love}: Day 4

For Valentine's Day I {LOVE} to bake/cook... 

I'm going to be honest, I'm not going to bake anything.  I don't really enjoy baking...that's what I have The Man for!  As for cooking, I'm not sure about that either.  If I'm lucky The Man will cook for me...stuffed pork chops if I have a say in it.  They are amazing!

If I end up cooking dinner, I'll probably make baked chicken.  I like to cover the chicken breast in something wet (pesto, diced tomatoes or ranch dressing all work well) then cover it in bread crumbs.  I bake it in my mini stone baker and cover the chicken breasts in cheese.  After about 30-45 minutes I'll check the temperature.  I take it out once it reaches 165 degrees...it will be nice a moist.  Serve with a baked potato and a veggie...and it's super yummy dinner!


  1. Yum! We eat chicken and pork a lot. I don't know if my husband ever gets sick of it. He doesn't tell me!

  2. I am still thinking of Valentine's Day cooking plans .... probably will be something out of chicken. Thanks for the great ideas though! :-)

    And there is a blog award waiting for you at http://www.ninagrennon.com/adventures/2011/02/and-another-award-the-irresistibly-sweet-blog-award/

  3. that still sounds delicious :)

    all these recipes are making me hungry!

    thank you so much for linking up again!!!


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