February 23, 2011

Bachelor Food

It's The Man's creation.  It's meat and veggies thrown together in a pot, with some seasoning and cooked till it
s done.  Sometimes it rice or beans...whatever you have on hand.  It doesn't matter really what's in it, it's good. 


  1. Ha, that sounds like how my husband cooks.

  2. That's how my hubby cooks, too, and it drives me up a wall. I love creating meals and menus and themes- he'd throw together pasta with tomato sauce with stir fry and a side of potato wedges. Recently, he made a pad thai with mustard greens... it didn't go well together. At least your hubby's dish resembles a hearty chicken soup!

  3. HAHAHAHA! Skunky cooks like that ALL the time...and i tell you, they really are some of the best meals we've had :)


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