February 5, 2011


The main door & hallway
Our main door to our house has a bunch of windows.  I love that it lets a lot of light in during the day.  At night I don't love them so much.  I feel like just anyone can walk up and look in the house.  Granted the door is at the back of the house and that's highly unlikely, it still freaks me out.  I've been meaning to put up a curtain.  When I was home in November, I got some magnetic curtain rods that my mom wasn't using anymore.

I was having a hard time deciding what material I wanted to use to make the curtains.  We're going to paint the hallway and put down some kind of runner in the hallway...we just haven't decided what color.  We (I) keep changing our minds.  So in a crafty mood yesterday I decided to just pick some material from my stash and make the silly curtain.  I think some shade of brown it going to end up on the wall, so I choose a brown and off white material:

The curtain is nothing fancy.  I just hemmed the edges, made a pocket for the rod to go through a voila!  I have a curtain.  It's kinda boring but once we have the hallway done I'll make a fancier curtain.

Now if someone does try to look in, they're not going to see much.  I also got up the lace curtain in the kitchen window...that I got when I was at home.  It takes me awhile to get to some projects!  I really like it...it softens up the kitchen.

 Now if I can just figure out how I want to finish the curtain for the downstairs door...


  1. We have the same issue with our back door. Even though its up on our porch, I get a little creeped out sometimes! I found a bamboo shade that worked perfectly to block a bit of sight, but your curtain is much cuter! :)

  2. We have the same issue at the front of our house, no curtains seem private enough {except the crazy dark ones} I'm thinking of making them, but we're not sure we'll be here long enough to warrant it.
    Love the pattern on yours! It's a great design without being too busy.

  3. Great job on the curtain- very creative of you to create that!


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