February 15, 2011


Yesterday was kinda a crazy day.  I watched a friend's little girl in the morning and then subbed for the preK class again.  Valentine's Day party + 8 four year olds = craziness.  It was fun though I'm glad their teacher is back!  After that I ran some errands.  Pretty uneventful.

When I got home was spending some time unwinding online before making dinner and straightening the house.  It was raining pretty hard and i was enjoying the sound of it on the roof.  Then the lights flickered.  Then flickered again.  Then they went out.  No power is not fun, especially when it's dark out!  I got some candles lit and then just sat.  No TV, no internet, no computer, no cook so no dinner.  Gr.  I was kinda tired so I decided to take a nap.  I slept from about 5:30 till 8.  By that time I was hungry and we still didn't have power.  After texting with The Man letting him know that there was still no power, I headed to McDonald's for dinner.  Not the same as the Chicken Parm I was going to make for dinner but at least they had power!

The best part of the day?  Pulling into the driveway about 3 minutes after The Man and realizing that we each bought each other something for Valentine's Day even though we said we wouldn't!  I didn't go crazy...he's been eating smarties a lot lately so I decided to enable him.  I bought him two bags as a way to show my love.  The Man got me flowers and candy.  Cliche, yes but I loved them just the same.  It was kinda hard to enjoy them in the dark but I could tell they were beautiful.  I cut off the bottoms and got them in a vase so I could enjoy them today.  I had to put them on top of my dresser otherwise Iggy mans would eat them...and he tried several times last night.

My flowers
 We spent the little time we had together before bed getting a fire started and standing in front of it so we could heat up the house a bit before going to sleep.  Cause no power=no furnace. Not to worry, we were plenty warm!

The Man starting a fire


  1. Sounds like a wonderful Valentine's Day - Yay for almost newlyweds (you have been married for more than a year!!) Glad you have power back and can enjoy those flowers. I do have to admit you have awesome wedding pictures!!

  2. I'm sorry you had no power. But that is so sweet that you both got something for each other even though you planned not too. I hope you didnt have a cold night.

  3. That's so sweet that he surprised you - your flowers are pretty. Glad you have power (and heat!) again :-)

  4. That was definitely a wrench in your plans, but it sounds like it ended on a good note--together in front of the fire.

  5. Yeah, I was hearing about all those power outages. I'm glad you guys still had a nice night together.

  6. My cats always eat my flowers. We just can't keep them in the house (the flowers, I mean, not the cats), which is kind of annoying. T doesn't often buy them for me, but when he does I'd like to enjoy them. (If I were smart, I'd bring them to work.)

  7. I hate when I'm alone and the power goes out. Although a little cuddling in front of the fire sounds like a good evening to me ;) Glad you had a good Valentine's Day in spite of some technical difficulties.

  8. aww no power stinks. I found you travel baubbles site today. Your flowers are beautiful!

  9. Hey! I'm from the Pacific Northwest as well!! Kent here.. lol.. We had the same nasty storm tho.. We lucked out and our power only flickered. (Not Sure the baby woulda been happy with no power!) Glad you made the best of your night though!

    New follower from the Around the world hop!


  10. Gorgeous flowers!!! You're very lucky :-) Can't believe the power went off though- i hate that as you forget how much you need it! Then you feel guilty for taking it for granted haha!

    Stopping by from Travel Babbles hop!


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