March 30, 2011

Facts About Me

I'm coming fashionably late to the party, but hopefully I'll make a grand entrance!  I'm linking up with Megan over at Megan Writes.  Head on over to link up and join in the fun!

1.  I'm an only child
2.  I lived in northern China for a year
Ho Hoan Kiem, My favorite place in Ha Noi
3.  I was there during SARS
4.  After that I moved to northern Viet Nam for two years
5.  I taught English as a Second Language (ESL) while I was there

6.  I didn't eat green beans until I lived in China; I blame my roommate Amy
7.  The Man & I got married on a Tuesday
8.  We're the 3rd generation on The Man's side to be married on August 4.
9.  I have a small foot...I wear a size 6
10.  I really am looking forward to being a mom...any time now!

11.  I didn't know I was a mountain person until I moved to the Pacific Northwest.  I LOVE them!
12.  I love lighthouses
13.  and lobster flip flops from L.L. Bean.  (Thanks mom!)
14.  I have a black thumb and have been known to kill cacti
15.  I'm looking forward to having an herb garden...can't wait to have fresh basil!

16.  We love candles.  A lot.
17.  The shower, sink and toilet in our bathroom is baby blue and I HATE it.
18.  I've never broken a bone
19.  But I dislocated my ankle during my freshman year of high school
20.  I dislocated my ankle while jumping on a trampoline.  Now I'll only go on one if I'm the only one it.

21.  I LOVED the water when I was a kid.  My parents had to drag me out...of the tub, pool or lake/ocean.
22.  The West Wing is one of my all time favorite TV shows
23.  I never expected to marry a guy in the military.  It just happened.
24.  I was a Girl Scout until my freshman year of college
25.  I went to London for 9 days with Girls Scouts the summer before my sophomore year in high school

26.  I dislike folding clothes
27.  We didn't have a dishwasher while I was growing up (actually we did and I was it!)
28.  We didn't have cable either.
29.  I was OK that we didn't have cable...I preferred to read a book
30.  I lived for 4 years without a TV

31.  When we play Mario Kart, I'm always Yoshi.  I think he's cute.  The Man is Donkey Kong
32.  I don't like to be cold
33.  The first Harry Potter movie I saw was Half Blood Prince.  I then had to see the previous ones to understand what happened.
34.  I got hooked on the movies and then had to read the books
35.  I prefer the books to the movie

36.  My favorite car that I've owned was my blue Ford probe named Seth
37.  I really want to see an Orca in the wild.  I refuse to leave WA until I see one!
38.  I prefer tea to coffee.
39.  I think Disney is matter what your age is
40.  Tom & Jerry was one of my favorite cartoons when I was a kid

41.  Smurfs was another favorite cartoon
42.  The Man has given me a Native American name.  It's Little Legs Happy Feet.
43.  One summer when I was a kid, I hid all the socks(in my closet) in the laundry instead of folding them.  My parents couldn't figure out what happened to them so they kept buying more.
44.  10 years later my mom & I found them when cleaning out the closet.  She thought it was funny.
45.  My favorite way to get to Seattle is by ferry

46.  I enjoy eating with chopsticks
47.  I hate feet
48.  I love foot rubs (on my feet.  I don't give them other people)
49.  Math is not my friend
50.  I enjoy the eagles we can see from our house.  They are amazing!

If you made it all the way through that I'm impressed! I think I'll do the next 50 in two posts so I don't overwhelm anyone...myself included.


  1. So many things that are like me!!! I have a tiny foot too, although, I wear a 6.5. I love the water, still and REALLY hate feet. Also, I love to name my cars. My Pontiac Sunbird was Luke, the mercury sable was Gabby, and my current car is Lucy. I swear, one day I'll have a Lexus and name her Lexi :-)

  2. I love reading these! That's so cool that you guys are the third generation for that anniversary. I hate being cold and I prefer the HP books to the movies!

  3. Our tub is baby blue... horrible! I hate it.
    This was fun to read... I'm looking forward to the next 50.
    so on fact number 10... you're gonna be a great mommy...!

  4. Math isn't my friend either lol. And I'm jealous you've been to London! I'd love to go!

    Thanks for linking up! :)

  5. I was my family's dishwasher too!! and Math is not my friend either!

  6. I looooooooooooooooooooooove the Bald Eagles around here!

    Heads up... your question is part of this week's MilSpouse Friday Fill-In!

  7. Aww math is not my friend either, lol.

    Hope all is well. Cheers from Olympia :-)

  8. I'm really happy I knew about all 50 of those things. (your welcome on the flip flops!) I was afraid I'd find out something I didn't!!! or didn't want to!!!

  9. oooh, china....i need to get some tips from you! were you in one of the larger cities? i'm jealous of your itsy bitsy best friend is your size and she saves a boatload of money on cute shoes because she fits the junior versions.

  10. I loved the Smurfs! Math isn't my friend either.


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