April 6, 2011

The Best Day- Song Link Up

I'm going to admit it...I enjoy Taylor Swift. There's just something about her songs that I just can't help but sing along. The lyrics just get stuck in my head and some days they just won't leave. This is one of my favorites...

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Do you have any favorite Taylor Swift songs?


  1. I agree! I love her too. I just bought her CD for my daugther for xmas. We listen to it together in her room. She is just so dreamy, isn't she! Did you see her on the AMC? She was so cute and sounded awesome! She is such a great positive influence, isn't she? Even though she is super young....I do enjoy her and I can take her song seriously, unlike Justin Beber! {Sorry if you like him...I just can't take him seriously AT ALL.}

    Thanks for linking up again girlie!!!!!

  2. :) I love this song!!!! BUT my favorite is Enchanted ♥

  3. I love Taylor as well- she has the best songs-everyone can relate to at least one.

  4. Hello! I am a new follower thanks to song link-up. I have to admit I am also a fan of Taylor Swift. However, it is hard to confess that to my husband sometimes. Lol. Great song :)

  5. I LOVE this song! It always makes me think of my mom! Thanks for sharing! I love me some Taylor Swift! :)

  6. Taylor Swift is aborable.. I love her.
    This is a great song.

  7. I love Taylor Swift. I love that she writes her own music!

  8. I love Taylor, too. And I love this song! Thanks for sharing this week.

  9. I love Taylor and that is one of my favorite songs too! I teach 1st grade and even my girls in class sing it! I live in Nashville so I've gotten the chance to see her in person at coffee shops and even the mall once!
    Thanks for sharing....stopped in from FTLOB!


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