April 27, 2011


I think most of the country is having crazy weather.  I say this based on my friend's facebook statuses...that makes it a fact, right?  Well, western WA is any different.  It was raining/hailing when I got up at 8 and was finished by 8:45ish.  The sun came out and it looked glorious out.  Perfect day for a walk, which is what I had planned.  I got the phone call from the fearless leader of the mom's group I attend (I know I don't have kids but they let me go anyway!) to let me know that the walk was still planned.  Perfect!

On the way back
Miss Molly & I are ready to go so we head to Clear Creek, where we're meeting our friends.  On the way it starts to rain.  We don't live that far away...only about 10 miles?  And between my house the Clear Creek we lost the sun and gained rain.  When I arrived some of us were already there, bundled up with umbrellas and raincoats.  We weren't going to let a little rain stop us!  We got on our way once everyone was there.  It was raining a little but nothing that would make us all melt.   We walked along the road part and Miss Molly was loving it.  Since there was no one else around I let her off her leash.  She loved chasing after her tennis ball!  As we got to the trail part the skies opened up.  We decided to turn around and thankfully a friend let me borrow an umbrella since I didn't bring one (or my raincoat!)  We're getting soaked and decide to go to McDonald to play there.  By the time we get to the cars and some of us have left, the rain has stopped and the sun is starting to come out.  Really?  By the time I got to Micky D's it was sunny. I think that if we kept walking it would have kept raining but since we turned back it decided to stop.  

All that running and rain must have worn Molly out...she's currently sleeping on the sofa snoring.  Snoring=Happy puppy!

How's the weather in your neck of the woods?

PS.  I didn't take that photo...my friend Joycers did...gotta love cell phone pictures!


  1. Booo the rain!!! We are having unseasonably sunny weather in the UK at the moment. Mind you we have sun but the heat seems to have disappeared!!

  2. We should go dog-walking together!!

  3. it's been a 'rain rain go away' kinda (several) weeks... boo, Oliver and Mama wanna come out to play.

  4. Loving our sunny weather... but we're getting strong winds. That's not unusual for spring down here though. Unfortunately, the winds pass through here and cause other weather problems for central and eastern parts of the US. Oh, and the winds are icy chilly so it kinda negates the warm-ness of our sunny, clear blue skies.

  5. By early evening we got a nice dusting (that stuck!) Of snow in kent/covington area... Lol it was rediculous

  6. Our weather hasn't been good at all, there were 150 tornadoes that were reported to have touched down in AL and GA last night. As the weather channel said, it was a historic tornado outbreak! Thanks for stopping by my blog today!

  7. I'm pretty much over tornadoes. Thankfully, I've been just missed so far, but it's still too close for comfort. Other than, before this current front moved through, it was already in the 90s. Now it's in the 70s.

    I'll take the 11 months of PacNorWest rain over tornadoes any day.

    I don't know how long you've been in the area but there are some AWESOME dog parks in the area.

  8. It has rained, snowed, sleeted and hailed here today. I think it is now raining again. It needs to stop. Tonight is prom night and we have spent way to much on two dresses, flowers and hair for it to be raining!


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