May 4, 2011

Before & After

The Man grew his hair out for the show and it was getting long.  I wasn't loving it.  If he REALLY like it like that and was allowed to keep it like that, then I could get used to it.  But once the show was over he was able to cut it again...and he did!


I had never seen him bald before.  I'm enjoying it for now!

I found a new linky party through my friend Athena. So I'm linking up and hope you'll go join in the fun too!



  1. He looks like a TOTALLY different person!

  2. he going to keep it this way?

    I haven't seen my son's terrific hair in about 15 years since he's been shaving his head bald. Cannot convince him to grow it out; looks great but....oh well.

    Your hubs has great eyes!

  3. Peekaboo! Thanks for your sweet comment yesterday :) I managed to make some time to catch up this evening. Your husband looks so different with his hair styles! Glad you're liking the current one ;)

  4. Wow! What a difference--I hope he helped clean up the buzzed hair. I know from experience with my brothers that that stuff can be hard to get up :)


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