May 20, 2011

Friday Afternoon

It's a gorgeous Friday afternoon here in the Pacific Northwest.  The sun is shining and I think we've *finally* reached 70 degrees.  If we didn't than it's pretty close!

Our view
I'm enjoying the sunshine while sitting on the deck with a content puppy beside me.  The sun is warm and the breeze keeps me from getting to hot.  I'm perfectly comfortable in shorts and a tank top.  The tide is out so I'm enjoying a view of mud flats.  The lilacs are blooming and smell heavenly.  Pandora is cranking out some great tunes and the birds are busy twittering in the background.  Life is good.  The ONLY thing that would make it better is if The Man was home.

I got to talk to him yesterday so that's the next best thing.  He's working hard and is getting done what he needs to get done.  He's almost ready to do the boards for his qualification.  He's enjoying being out since it's been awhile.  This short separation has reminded both of us about the strength of our relationship.  While we prefer to be together we can both function when we're alone.  We miss each other a lot but we're not pining away.

The Man has hit 6 months of sobriety.  He's doing really well.  He's realizing more and more just how the alcohol was affecting him.  He's gaining insight and clarity as well as confidence and strength.  With every day that passes he is realizing that he can do this.  I'm so proud of him!

How did you spend your Friday afternoon?


  1. So far I've spent it sitting at my computer at work. Sad face! But, in three hours I get to go run in the sun!

  2. I spent it in a crazy classroom working with my kids to start on our Rainforest mural...madness but great fun! Glad you're enjoying your Friday!

  3. I got to dance in the sun! And in a few hours i'm going on a run :)

  4. Hoory for the beautiful weather. I know you guys really love the sun when it appears... my mom was telling me all about it on the phone this afternoon. Congrats to hubby on making it 6 months! May there be many more to come!

  5. I'm jealous! We've had nothing but rain for the past month here in the Northeast. I'm soooo ready for some nice weather!

  6. Congrats to your man! Thats hard work, I know! :)

  7. Looks beautiful! I can't wait to get to Washington :)

    Congrats to him for 6 months!! Keep going!


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