July 12, 2011

Dog Sitting

I know I've mentioned in a post or two before this, but we're dog sitting.  A friend wanted to head home for two weeks while her hubby is out so she asked us to watch their dog Chase.  The Man and I have no problem with this; Molly on the other hand hasn't been too thrilled.  Chase is a yellow lab and slightly bigger than Molly  but is super loveable.  He's laid back and is one big love.  Our house is a little slow for him...he's used to having two little ones around all day and no one growling or barking at him.  Despite the less than warm welcome from Molly he's doing well!

Meet Chase.  Isn't he adorable?!?
Chase sniffing his new digs while Molly protects her tree

Getting love from The Man

Can we come in?
 No you may not. This is what happens when you decide to play in mud puddles and then have to get hosed off.  You need to dry off before you come inside!

What puppy doesn't love belly rubs?
I have a few more pictures but picnik has been acting up for me so this is all you get for now:)  There will be more later!

Do you have any fun pet sitting stories?


  1. Has Molly warmed up to him yet or still less than warm? Babysitting my parents' 15 year old dog has made OccDoc realize how well-behaved and QUIET the Chihuahuas actually are. My parents' dog is so cute, but he's a whiner!

  2. Awww... how cute! Hope they are having a great time together.

    Love you new look!

  3. We've never petsit before but my aunt did surprise us and bring her dog when she came to visit us--we have a cat who has never met a dog, at least to our knowledge (he was a stray). He did surprisingly well with the dog, even kicking the poor girl off her dog bed so he could sleep there :)

  4. The one time I pet sat was a disaster. I forgot all about my duty and spontaneously went out of town. Gladly the other person who was going to take care of the dog with me was okay with taking over the rest of the weekend. Otherwise, of course, I would've driven all the way back home to feed that poor doggie...

    By the way, do you have sewing projects where you up-cycled? Would you like to join the artsy ants up-cycling week and have a sewing project featured?

  5. Haha, I love the "no you may not come in!" So funny. We've kept some of Dylan's coworkers dogs and it's all been fine when we've kept them. Glenda loves having them over to play.

  6. Aww, how cute! I love the "no you may not come in" - our dogs always do that haha.

    Also, love the new look! :)

  7. Adorable!

    We are also dogsitting, for a dog named Molly! And my entry today is dedicated to her antics... oh boy.

    Great new layout! She does great work!

  8. Dogs are funny! What great pictures!

  9. I don't have any fun pet sitting stories, but I really enjoyed this post. I'll always be an animal lover. You know what I can't watch anymore? All those ASPCA commercials where the animals look so depressed - like if they knew how to commit suicide they would. Ugh. Rips me apart. Anyway, I'm not being a downer here. lol. Adorable dogs. I really like the picture with "the Man." hehe

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