July 5, 2011


I was so excited that we were finally able to try geocaching.  I have some mixed feelings for it at this point but am wanting to try it again a few more times before I make a decision.  I go by the adage to try something 3 times (unless it's food!) before you decide you don't like it.

We looked up 3 caches that were near us.  Two of them were easy and one was harder but we chose it since it was by the disc golf and we wanted to play.  The Man downloaded an app on his phone so we could use it as the GPS.  The first cache was about 500 feet from our house so we walked over and looked around.  We couldn't find it so we decided that maybe it wasn't there anymore.  No biggie.  We walk home, grab the pups, jump in the car and head to the next cache.  When we get there, we each take a dog (we're dog sitting) and look around.  Can't find this one either.  We're both a little cranky...The Man got about 5 hours of sleep the night before and I feel like I've spent most of my day waiting.  We have no idea what kind of container we're looking for or anything and after looking around for 20 minutes we decide to give up and go play disc gold.

Hidden in the tree
We get to the park and decide to play and maybe look for the last cache.  We play through the holes with the pups running around and loving it.  I'm really bad but it's fun anyway.  Molly & Chase did manage to find a huge muddy puddle to play in at one point.  Molly thought it would be a great idea to lay down in in...we had a very muddy puppy!  Chase just tried to drink it...yuck!  We were pretty tired by the time we got to the 17th hole but that's the one that the cache is closest too so we decide to try to find it.  I poke around but The Man is walking around and after awhile I decide to just sit on a log.  He's walking and at one point looks up...and there it is!  We were both pretty excited.  It was great to finally find a cache.  It helped that we knew we were looking for a long, thin container.  Sadly we didn't bring anything with us to put in it so we didn't take anything but we did sign the log book.

The cache
We're going to pick up a few trinkets before we try again.  We'll try the easy ones again and some others.  There are tons around here.

Have you ever been geocaching?
Do you enjoy it?
Do you have any tips for beginners?


  1. I love geocaching. It took me a few times to get into it, but it's so much fun and a good way to get out of the house!

  2. awww... I've only done it once and found it to be really fun. Might have to look online for some near where we live.

  3. I've never heard of geocaching but it sounds like so much fun! We will definitely be trying this out soon whether it's here in St. Louis or in South Bend once we get there :)

  4. I'm with KT - I've never heard of it! And I just read the rest of her comment & saw that she's in StL! :) Anyway, maybe I'll have to Google it so we can try it when my husband is home for a few days...or when we get to the PNW!

  5. My husband has friends that are really into it and they are crazy about it :)

  6. Visiting from Jenna's! My hubby and I were JUST talking this weekend about geocaching and even looked online for the GPS system. did your phone do the trick or would you recommend something more?

    So I guess the first two prob weren't there? That would be frustrating, but I hear that it is a blast once you get the hang of it.

    I think we just may take the plunge after reading this...


  7. Interesting. I've heard of it, but never tried it. Might be a great way to get to know my new town!

  8. I've never tried geocaching, but I may have to now. It sounds fun.

    I love your adage! According to that motto, I would have to try kayaking one more time. I've tried it twice and hated it both times...but both times were seakayaking and I suspect I'd enjoy the lakes more.

    Not that kayaking has anything to do with your post, but I just thought I'd share! Lol!

  9. I've heard of it before and actually know of a couple people who are totally obsessed with it but I have yet to try it myself lol

  10. I've never heard of it either!!!

  11. Your post gives me hope! Our geocaching journey was a big fat fail. Maybe we'll try again soon...


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