July 27, 2011

Grown Up Furniture

The Man and I have been married just about two years (give it a week and we're there.)  When we first got married we had to move me and my stuff to WA.  We rented a trailer and most of my stuff fit.  We left behind my table, chairs and loveseat, along with some smaller items.  When we got to WA, we decided that getting a table and chairs was important so we picked something we liked that wasn't very expensive (under $175).  Since money was tight we decided to get a futon instead of a sofa with the understanding that it was temporary.

The futon
Life happens.  Two years later and we still have the same futon.  It's been driving me crazy and the dog keeps  licking it so there are stains all over it.  Thankfully we got our new home buyer tax money so we could buy a new sofa!  We thought about getting a whole set but decided against it...just the sofa for now.  There aren't many furniture places around here so thankfully we found something that we both agreed on.  We agreed pretty quickly cause we're cool like that.

It's going to here!
We had to wait a week to get it delivered.  No biggie but I was pretty excited to get it.

It fits!
Molly's not loving the new sofa...it's a little tall for her and we don't want her on it anyway.  She's been moping around cause she lost her favorite place to lay (the futon is in the sewing room now but since she likes to be near people she won't go down unless we're down there too.)  The kitties on the other hand are LOVING the new sofa.  I've had to get after Ig to not claw at the sofa...he's going to ruin it!  Allen just likes laying on it.  Preferably in my lap but he loves the cushions too!

So we now have grown up furniture!  I mean, not that getting married and buying a house didn't make us feel like adults...it did.  There's just something about a nice new sofa!  I don't really want to get up from it but since the sun is out...I'm going to go take advantage of it while it's visiting!


  1. LOVE it! That's exactly the type/color of couch I would want if we got a new one.

  2. I love it! We have my parent's old living room set and that's about 8 years old! Haha, we're ready for new furniture but we're a bit picky. Story of my life!

  3. I love it. And it took you guys less time to invest in some grown up furniture than it did for me and the Sailor. I got rid of all of my furniture when I moved to Hawaii after our wedding,and we made do with some cheap stuff, we got right away after we got settled. But instead of buying new furniture the first year, we wound up buying baby furniture for Snapdragon instead. Finally, right around the 3 year mark, we got a new living room set for our home. (Our kitchen table was my old one from before, that we got out storage from my mom, when we pcs'ed.) At least we didn't compromise on our bed, that was our first grown up furniture major purchase!

  4. Haha, our entire house is Ikea, Walmart, & Target. With the exception of the bed, I wasn't going cheap on that!

  5. It looks nice. I felt like a real grown up when I bought my first piece of real art from a real painter.

  6. Congrats on REAL furniture. It looks great in that room.

  7. Nice! Having grown-up furniture, something you guys bought together, just makes things seem more cohesive and like you said, grown up. Good choice too!

  8. Yay for grown up furniture. I remember saying to one of my friends, I know I'm growing up because I just got excited over purchasing a couch and a washer/dryer.

  9. First off, I did not know you where in WA! aaah! I feel like we're so close haha

    And yayy for grown up furniture! It's always a nice step. We are getting there... as soon as we buy a house we're getting some new furniture as well haha

  10. :) I'm glad you got the couch! YAY! Now I need to come over and see it. Haven't seen you in a couple weeks! Maybe we'll see you Saturday at the CODA bbq!


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