August 29, 2011


The Man and I have a "spontaneous" side.  We often will come up with something, talk about it and then do it.  Our  marriage is kinda on example.  We did wait a year to get married but only because there was a deployment in there.  If there hadn't been a deployment we would have been married MUCH sooner.  Buying a house was similar...we talked about it, looked around at some houses and then did it. We might talk about it for a bit but when we decide to do it, we don't waste any time.

 A real life recent example that takes the cake:

We were talking about finding a beater truck.  We really need one for projects and such around the house.  I didn't want another car payment so we were going to try to find a cheap one.

One Sunday afternoon at 1:30 we headed out to check out some local parks in his car.  The Man got the idea that we could trade in his car for a truck.  We don't NEED two cars.  We talked it over and The Man called the bank to answer some questions.  He also surfed the web to see what he could find.

The next day we decided on a whim to stop by a dealership just to see what they had.  In less than 24 hours we had come up with a list of things we wanted:

Less than 10 years old
Extended Cab (for the dog and future kids)
Power Everything
Lowish mileage
Under 10K
Decent gas mileage for a truck

We thought that we should be able to find something within those parameters.  We also weren't in a rush to buy...we had the luxury of time on our side.  We could wait until we found THE ONE.

The Man was a little hesitant about going to a dealer....he didn't want to have to deal with the salesmen.  Thankfully we got a newbie who wasn't pushy and tried his best to find what we wanted.  He did show us a truck that was out of our price range and when we said no cause it wasn't a extended cab so he showed us something else.   

Then we got to it.  A red, automatic truck with power everything with low mileage under 10K.  We took it for a test drive and we really liked it.  The only's a '99.  Yeah.  We didn't love that but we talked and The Man test drove something else.  After that we went to check out what the other dealerships had to offer.  Which was nothing. We still really liked that truck...

So we headed home.  While we were there we check checked the value online and did some talking. 

So The Man returned to the dealership about 3 hours later.  He was there about 2 hours and returned home the proud owner of a new truck! 

The Man and his truck
It took us about 31 hours from talking about getting a truck to owning a truck.  I'm still in shock that we did it.  The best part?  It's going to save us money on car payments.  The Man is so happy to have a truck again!

What have you been spontaneous about?


  1. Nothing. I am not spontaneous about anything! It drives my boyfriend nuts, as he is a fly by the seat of his pants kind of guy. His favorite saying is "analysis is paralysis". So...basically I am paralyzed, since I analyze everything!

  2. Oh, we're definitely NOT spontaneous when it comes to big things! Even our washer and dryer was researched for a few weeks before purchase. I guess we're boring, but it keeps the budget balanced!

  3. How cool! I'm definitely more of a planner. The hubby would be more spontaneous if I would let him. The camper though, that was an impulse buy.

  4. Being spontaneous with big things makes me nervous (that's hubby's area), but it looks like y'all got what you wanted! Congrats!


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