September 13, 2011

The Turner Joy

The Man and I decided to go into Seattle for the day one weekend.  We enjoy taking the ferry so he looked up the schedule and we decided that we'd take the 10 o'clock ferry.  We park and start waking towards the ferry.  We have some time so we decide to stop at Starbucks to get drink to take with us on the ferry.  We start walking towards the ferry when we realize that it's pulling away from the dock.  We scratched our heads in wonder because it wasn't yet 10.  We ask a worker and she said that the ferry leaves at 9:45 not 10.  It turns out that The Man read the ferry schedule for leaving Seattle!  The next ferry wasn't until 11:10 so we had a little over an hour to kill.  We decided to walk along the Bermerton Boardwalk.  At the end is the ship Turner Joy that is now a museum.  We've talked about touring it but never have.  What better way to kill an hour?  Added bonus is that this is on my 101 in 1001 so I'm able to cross another item off.

 A plaque on the boardwalk remembering the men lost in the Viet Nam War on the Turner Joy.  I found it interesting considering I've been where this boat has been.

 Looking to the ship from the bow

Looking out from the bridge

Enjoying the Captain's quarters

Enlisted berthing. The Man commented that they have thicker mattresses!

I could tell I'm sub wife...I was surprised that they had a post office!

 In the mess's huge!

The Turner Joy in all her glory


  1. in all my years of living there I never checked that place out. Maybe it was 'cause I'd been on my dad's ships that I hadn't been interested. Now I'm thinking the kids might find it fun so when I'm home maybe I'll stop by.


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