November 1, 2011


I had a weird experience last night that I'm going to share with you.  If you're on Twitter than you might have heard about it.  If you're not, here's what happened:

Around 6:40ish, there was a knock on the french doors in our bedroom.  I only heard it cause I was in there.  I opened the door and a teenage girl in army fatigues says "Trick or Treat!"  I just kinda looked at her while holding on to Joey to keep him from looking at her.  I didn't have any lights on and I hadn't bought any candy since we didn't have anyone come by last year.  I told her that I didn't buy any but to wait a sec.  I had some chocolate wrapped in zombie and Frankenstein wrappers so I gave her a few.  She said thank you and put them in her pocket.  She didn't even have a bag!  She turned around and headed down our unfinished steps and headed down our driveway.  I watched her walk down and turn left and head up the road, skipping the house next door.  They didn't have any lights on but then, neither did we.  Granted from the road you could see that people were home at our house and you can't see that about our neighbor but still, it felt weird.  I wonder if she was checking our house out?  When you go out Trick or Treating, don't you usually bring a bad to collect your booty in?  Or am I just old and out of the loop?

I probably wouldn't have thought twice about it except that a couple of weeks ago I was awakened by Molly growling.  She only growls when something is wrong.  All of a sudden there were headlights shining through my curtains and into our bedroom.  There was a truck in the driveway turning around.  Joey then started making soft barking noises too.  There are two things that bothered me about this: 

1. Our driveway is long and curves around our house.  Why would you drive up someone's driveway to turn around in during the middle of the night?  I watch people turn around at the bottom of our driveway all the time during the day.  Who drives all the way up a driveway, especially when you can't see the end when you're at the beginning?

2. It was 1:30 am.  Of course, DH wasn't home that night as he had duty.  The first think I did was call and leave a message and let him know what happened.  I then laid awake for about a half an hour and fell asleep clutching my phone.

I might be overreacting but it just felt weird.  I do want to say thank you to all of you that expressed concern, especially since The Man wasn't home.  My mom was home with me along with Molly and Joey.  I normally don't mind being home along.  I feel very safe at our house.  And yes, I always keep my doors and windows locked when I'm home alone.  I can even watch Law & Order (all versions), CSI, Bones and the like and it doesn't freak me out.  The pups make me feel safe too.  Molly has alerted me to random people at our house 9 times out of 10.  The Man and I also think that they would both attack in order to protect us, Molly, especially.  She can be very protective of us.  

Do you think this was/is weird?
Did I overreact?
What would you have done?


  1. You should always listen to your gut and your instincts... even if they are wrong because what if they aren't.  Trust yourself and never blow off things that feel wrong for fear of overreacting. 

  2. Um, I think you were pretty calm about the whole thing.  I would have flipped out.  We had kids come to the door after we ran out of candy and turned off the lights, but we live in a cookie cutter neighborhood where the houses are way too close and we live on the corner of the main drag.  And the girl didn't even go to the front door?  And she was alone?  And she didn't have a bag?  What a weirdo!

  3. I can completely see your concern about the situation. It sounds a bit weird especially coming to your bedroom door. But Halloween brings out the weirdos. And things are always creepier when the men are gone. You have to trust your instincts they really are your best defense.

    I had a situation about 9:30 PM one night there was a knock at our door. The dogs went nuts so I went to the door and foolishly opened it but as I did there was a guy who was quickly walking down our stairs to the side walk below (our house is on a hill). I called my neighbor and he said same thing happened and his dog went nuts. The guy just sat in his car for about an hour then left. We think our dogs scared him off.

  4. I don't think you're wrong at all. Her not having a bag is a huge red flag. Was she looking around when she was talking to you? I would go get some of those ADT security signs even if you don't have  an alarm system and stick them at the end of your driveway. If she was trying to check the house out for future things such as that, it may deter them. I actually had a man and women break into my apartment one time while I was sleeping and I woke to them standing right next to my bed. Scariest thing I've ever experienced. Just be vigilant. The dogs will make a world of difference and at the very least, they will at least warn you if someone is near. I feel so much safer now that we have our two dobes. 

  5. Oh and I almost forgot to tell you, I've started a new blog over at I hope you'll follow! (I used to be "The Brownings"

  6. I would definitely be a bit uncomfortable with all that!

  7. I would most definitely be weirded out about that. I say trust your gut on this one. I do hope it turns out to be nothing :)

  8. That is super weird...why would she knock on your bedroom doors?? And wearing camo??  Maybe ask your neighbors (if you know them) what they thought about it?  Once my mom (they live in the country) had a couple guys in a truck show up at their house saying they were there to fix the roof...well, their roof is fine and it was almost dark...sometimes people case houses like that!!


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