January 9, 2012


Joey, Molly & Allen on the bed
Before we got Joey, Molly would always sleep in our bedroom.  More often than not she would lie on the floor closest to The Man and be perfectly happy.  Occasionally she would be to sleep on the bed with us.  Once we got Joey, that changed.  Joey was used to sleeping on the bed so that's naturally what he would do.  Molly was jealous of Joey sleeping on the bed so she would too.  I mean, fair's fair, right? If one dog sleeps on the bed the other should too.  That's all fine and dandy except that in our queen size bed we also have to fit two human adults and two cats.   Granted the cats don't take up too much space but that's 6 living creatures in one bed.  In our bed.

Joey & Molly getting daddy love before getting up
After a couple of month I had had enough.  I was sleeping well and I was finding it hard to get comfortable because I couldn't stretch out cause of the pups.  Finally we had had enough! We banished the dogs to the living room and their beds for the night.  Yes, they have their own beds.  I will admit that our bed is more comfortable but those poor beds shouldn't go to waste.

The first night was rough.  Joey whined and whined.  A muzzle helped.  He actually managed to get it off but when The Man went to take it off after about 15 minutes, he found Joey laying on his bed with it next to him.  Each night got better after that one.  Occasionally Joey will come to the door and whine and we tell him to go lay down and he does.  You can hear him kinda dragging his feet hoping to be called back but so far that hasn't happened.
All 4 of them touching me while we sleep

One downside to keeping the door closed to keep the dogs out in that it can lock the cats in.  The kitties don't like that too much.  They also don't like be locked out.  They will scratch and scratch until the door in opened.  Which is fine except for when it's 3am and they wake you up to be let out.  And when they wake you up again 20 minutes later to be let back in.  So once the dogs knew they were no longer welcome in the bedroom, we started leaving the door cracked for the cats.  Yes, maybe we are bad furbaby parents for letting the cats on the bed and not the dogs but oh well.  It works for us!  Plus the kitties get the most attention at night and in the morning.  Ig's become so much more affectionate since he's been getting more attention! I love having my kitty back!

Anywho, Joey figured out when night that the door was cracked.  It was a duty night and I woke up around 2:30 to the sound of a jingle.  That jingle sounded suspiciously like Joey's dog collar.  I stretched out my legs and hit something I couldn't easily move.  I looked up and there was Joey, all curled up on the bed pretending that he wasn't there.  I got him out and closed the door (only to have to get up again to let the cats in/out).  I told The Man about it and laughed.  Well, guess what happened the next night?  If you guessed that Joey tried again you would be right!  He thinks he's being all sneaky and that we won't see him.  Fat chance.  He's like a 50 pound weight on the bed that you can't move.  And it happened the next night again! 

I will say this for Joey, he's determined!  We want to allow them back in the bedroom but not on the bed.  Molly would be fine about this but I'm no sure Joey's going to go for it.  I'll keep you posted on how it goes!

Do your furbabies sleep on the bed with you?


  1. Oh yes...both cats, Chip & Dale, curl up on my legs at night.  Dale always gets prime territory while Chip (all 21 lbs. of him) sleeps on my legs.  After a couple of hours I usually can't feel my legs anymore and I have to shoo both away.

    But..they wait and come back....sigh.

    I only luck out if there is a wayward field mouse in the house, then, both cats are on active mouse patrol.

    I live for those moments.

    When the hubs heads into the bathroom, both cats are up and run in after him.  There is no good explanation for that!

    Have missed visiting here, hope you and Baby PK are doing well.  Keeping you in my prayers.

  2. We have two dogs, much smaller than yours but they are quite the bed hogs.  We too have  queen size bed and while they both start off one our boys, they end up with us.  They also cuddle up only to me and not my husband so it makes for a very cramped side of my bed.  I tried to keep them out once but they whined so much we were all miserable!

  3. We had whining too but we used a muzzle and it worked! Joey is doing so well and we're pleased. I think your pups just love you a lot@

  4. We didn't try to exile the cats...that's more of a headache than i want to deal with!

    Munchkin and I are doing well. Hope you are doing well too!


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