February 22, 2012


Growing up I didn’t celebrate Lent.  Of course that might be because I didn’t go to church growing up.  We started going when I was in 7th grade.  The nondenominational church my family attended didn’t do much for Lent.  The Christian college I attended didn’t do much either, and neither did the nondenominational church I attended when I returned from Asia.  I’m sure Lent was mentioned but there was never any emphasis on it.  I’m not sure if it it because I lived in the Northeast or if it has to do with the nondenominational bent of my upbringing.  Anywho, Lent didn’t really come onto my radar until I was married.

I married a man who was a Lutheran.  Before we were married we talked over what we believed (more than once) and the big stuff lined up.  The Man grew up ELCA but when he returned to the church after walking away, he became more conservative.  We currently attend a WELS church (think of the two as different denominations under the umbrella of Lutherans).  One thing I appreciate is the liturgical style of worship.  I’m not sure I would have appreciated it growing up but I appreciate it as an adult (that’s not to say that I don’t miss a contemporary style of worship because I do, but that’s a whole other post).  It was here that I was first introduced to the Lenten season.

Starting with Ash Wednesday and ending with Easter, our church does a Wednesday service.  The services are geared for us to focus on the sacrifice Christ made for us.  I love these services.  They have helped me come to appreciate Easter even more.

Our church does not talk about giving something up or adding something for Lent.  But that was a hot question on Twitter yesterday.  Usually I don’t give anything up but it did get me thinking.  Something I’ve been trying to work on is worrying less.  I’m a worrier and it’s gotten worse since I got pregnant. 

There was a time in my life when I didn’t worry so much.  I would love to get back to that mindset and trust in God.  Because when I’m worrying, I’m not trusting God.  I’ve seen him work in my life and in the lives of family and friends and I know I can trust him, I just don’t.  I worry instead.  There are times that I can feel it draining the joy out of me.  I don’t want that.  I want to trust again. 

So this Lenten season I’m going to give up worrying.  I can hear you laughing now!  When I start to worry and realize it (or have it pointed out to me) I’m going to do what I should be doing.  I’m going to pray, reach for my bible or meditate on scripture.  I’m going to take the next few days and put together some verses on trusting God and worrying so I’ll have them to read over, think about and meditate on.  I’ll try to remember to share them with you!

Are you giving up/adding something for Lent?  What?


  1. My husband was raised Assembly's of God and never even heard of Lent until we were going to a Presbyterian church when we were dating.

    This year I plan to give up chocolate.  I would also like to spend a lot more time in my Bible.  I have not been very good about that lately.

  2. Wow, I haven't given something up for lent in along time. Being raised in a Catholic household, that was a thing u did... But it's been years. I'm not into faith as much as I sometimes wish I was, I tend to be more of an Agnostic. But I used to love the feeling Lent gave me once Easter was here, that accomplishment and understanding and appreciation. I might just go along with lent this year, see if it makes me feel better... :)

  3. I wanted to give up thinking about babies, but instead I'm giving up book-buying for Lent. I think it's a bold statement to trust in God when we're tempted to control our own fate by trusting in ourselves to get the job done. Also, preparing scripture is a great idea! Kudos and good luck :)

  4. We do Lent every year in my family... I grew up Catholic so it is definitely something we always did and I still do! This year it is junk food... no candy, cookies, cake, ice cream or deserts.... and the candy drawer at work is currently mocking me. Sigh. 39 days to go!

  5. I could do with giving up book buying too:) Hope it goes well!

  6. Giving up Chocolate is a good one too, especially if you reach for your bible instead of the chocolate! Hope it's going well so far:)


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