February 25, 2012

Rough Day Update

Thank you friends for all your kind words yesterday on my Rough Day post.  They really encouraged me.  Thank you so much!  Yesterday (Friday) was still a little rough but today and been so much better.  It's amazing how sleep can make things better!

There's also some good news!  As The Man was leaving yesterday after a surprise stop at home, he happened to see the missing pup on the land next door.  We tried to get him but he ran off again.  We were thrilled that we had had a sighting and that he was alive and well though drenched from the rain.  I called his owners and they were nearby.  About 20 minutes later they showed up to look for him again.  They looked for about an hour in the pouring rain.  They couldn't find him but they were happy to know he was still alive and in the area.  I put food out for him to try and draw him back.  They left but they decided to drive up a nearby street one more time to look for him.  It says dead end but is really long and curvy goes pretty far back.  They were back there and saw him!  They jumped out to get him and he started to run away again so they stopped, squatted down and started clapping and saying his name.  He came to them and they got him in the car!  So he is now safe and sound back with us.  His buddy was VERY happy to see him.

The pup that got away, Dante took a little time to adjust to life here but he's doing well now.  He would shake whenever The Man tried to pet him.  Once he got used to him though he was find.  I think we're going to try to take them to the dog park tomorrow.

Dante outside on the lead
Hudson getting some love
Joey eating one of their rawhides


  1. Glad you found the dog.  Looking forward to seeing you during your visit!  Just let me know which night works best and where you want to meet.

  2. Glad the dog has been safely found. What a relief.

  3. What a relief! I am so happy to hear that he was found safe and sound!


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