February 20, 2012

Why I Blog

I started blogging a little less than two years ago.  I started because I thought it would be nice to get into the habit.  Habit for what?  For when we had kids.  A blog would be a great way to keep far away family and friend up to date on our family and how/what our kids were up too. 
Then I found milspouse blogs, lots of them.  I had no idea that there was this category out there.  My blog turned into something else, which was fine with me.  I found a nice little place in this niche of the blogging world and have enjoyed it.
Since the death of my father and finding out that we’re expecting, my blogging has been sporadic.  I think it’s just been a lot to absorb and work through.  I’ve also been working more than when I first started.  I have time to blog but I’m finding that I don’t always have something to say.  I could write a lot about being pregnant but I don’t want my pregnancy to overtake this space.  So I know I had said that I was going to try to post 2-3 times a week.  I’m going to throw that out the window and blog when I have something to share.  I don’t want to just have filler fluff.  There also might be more baby related stuff than I thought…just giving you a heads up!
So I’ll be here.  Sometimes I’ll be here a lot and sometimes I may be MIA for a bit.  As always, if you miss me a lot you can find me on Twitter as @poekitten.


  1. Ha, same here! I don't want to just ramble so my posts are so sporadic. Hope baby stuff is going well with you!

  2. Understandable. Blogging comes and goes for many of us, but it's not worth omitting, because inevitably, something will come up, some milestone or some major event (or minor) that we'll want to note and remember for years to come. Do you have a paper journal, or just this?

  3. It gets hard to blog when life is just busy.  I know how that feels.  Juggling parenthood and military life makes things chaotic.  But, it's nice to see your updates, however often they come.  :)

  4. Thanks! It's amazing how busy life can get, isn't it?


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