June 12, 2012

On The Bright Side

The furbabies and I are on our own again since The Man is underwater at the moment.  It should be the LAST TIME EVER in his military career.  It’s a short underway (for you non navy folk, it’s not a deployment or a partrol that a boomer sub does but a shorter amount of time that the sub in out.  It can last from a few days to a a couple of months.)  I’m so excited that he will never have to go out on a sub again (unless he choses to for his civilian job, which is a whole other story.) 

As was thinking of that though, I as realizing that there are a few things I’m going to miss about this time apart. Don’t get me wrong, I’d much rather be together than separated, but the time apart isn’t bad.  So here’s my list of things I enjoy while The Man is gone:

1.  I get the WHOLE Queen size bed to myself.  This is more exciting to me now that I’m 35 weeks pregnant and I can allow my pillows to take over the bed.  I’ve always enjoyed it but never as much as now!

2. I can plan the menu around what I like.  There are certain foods Mac N Cheese Picturethat The Man does not enjoy and I do.  BLT’s, Mac N’ Cheese, Lemon Chicken & Zucchini and Orange Chicken all fall under this category.  Guess what I’ve been eating since he left?  Yup, all those foods (well, not the BLT but everything else!)  It’s been wonderful! (The Mac N Cheese picture is from the cookbook…it’s not mine.)

3.  I get to have plenty of ME time.  I usually get more than he does but when he’s gone I get a ton!  I have hermit like qualities and see nothing wrong with spending a few days holed up at home.  I tend to do it while he’s gone and it’s wondrous.  This time is a little more special because it’s the last time (for at least 18 years) that I won’t have to worry about anyone else while he’s gone.  It’s the last time I can focus on me without worrying about kid coverage or wondering what munchkin is up too.  It’s also nice to have the time so close to her arrival.  I’m enjoying being able to take naps and sleep in late as much as I want!

4.  This one goes along with the one above, but getting to decide when I want to go to bed and what I want to watch to fall asleep.  Even after (almost) 3 years of marriage, we go to bed at the same time.  We’ve gone to bed at different times maybe 4 times. Maybe. That might be pushing it.  We have a routine and I enjoy the us time at the end of the day.  But it’s nice to go to bed whenever I want.  We also put a movie on to fall asleep and we take turns deciding (the other person has veto power.)  With him gone I can watch whatever I want.  So for the past week it’s been Top Gun. Mostly because we only have the Wii hooked up so it has to be on Netflix.  Also because it’s easy and I know the movie so well that it’s easy to fall asleep to! (Picture Source)

5.  I like how when we’re apart it forces us to communicate differently.  Unlike some wives, I don’t get to talk to The Man every day while he’s gone.  Skype and phone calls don’t happen unless they’re in port.  I write him an email every day while he’s gone.  I start it in the morning and write it all day and send it at night.  I talk about what’s going on, how the furbabies are doing, what I’m eating/cooking.  Boring stuff mostly but he loves it.  It helps him stay connected to what’s going on at home.  I know he likes them because he tells to me keep sending them.  So send them I do!  I get very few in return but that’s ok.  I know that when I get one he’s had a chance to write on and that he’s thinking of me.  A two line email can make my day.

6.  I love getting surprise phone calls from The Man.  Sometimes (ok, it seems like all the time with his sub) they have to make an unexpected port call cause the sub breaks.  I love getting that surprise phone call from him.  I usually get a few phone calls while they’re in.  The man, who normally hates talking on the phone will call as often as he can and is willing to talk for awhile too. 

7.  I’m sure you’re wondering what the absolute best part of being apart is.  It’s the homecoming.  It’s feeling his arms around you, IMG_20120403_155653the kisses and being able to touch him.  It’s watching the puppies go crazy getting daddy love and the kittens trying to get in his lap.  It’s fixing his favorite foods for dinner and relaxing on the sofa.  It’s being able to do all those little things you do when you’re together. 

Those are all things that make the separation bearable.  A teeny, tiny part of me will miss this part of military life once The Man is a civilian once again but only a teeny, tiny part.  I’m looking forward to having a “normal” schedule and having The Man around for holidays…all of them.

What do you look forward to when your spouse is away?


  1. LOL, Huzzy and I always go to bed at the same time too!

  2. Nice:) Sometimes I think we're weird that we do that...glad we're not the only ones!

  3. Hahaha, I email my hubby every day, too!  I think it's a big reason why homecoming is a little less stressful- he's not coming back to a completely different wife, because he's been virtually there the whole time.  The guys on his last boat used to joke that they always knew when communication was good because there'd be an email from me!  Plus, it's like therapy to "talk" to him, even when there's no response.

    I also make food that I like that he doesn't.  I think a lot of spouses do that!  :)

  4. Emailing everyday makes a huge difference! And you have to love it when they get a bunch all at once:) My DH laughs because he can clearly see my thought process about things as I email them, especially when I have to make a decision about something!

  5. Love this post! You are so right although there are negatives of deployment there are some very nice positives too! Enjoy your foods and your movies!!

  6. You and I would so get along in real life... When the hubs is away I love that I can watch what I want and eat and drink what I want. Alo have free range to blast music without ticking him off. evelynnd I have dance party's :) but I like to stay home too and it's nice to have Evelyn in bed and me up alone and being as lazy as I can be...although I hate sleeping in our king bed alone..usually I go on the couch lol...but I'm working on it!

  7. Whole bed = amazingness! 

  8. My husband instituted a bedtime for us!  We let it go later on weekends, but I also break it in the few days a month he goes away.  I definitely enjoy myself when he's gone, too.

  9. I think it's brilliant! We never talked about going to be at the same time, it's just something we've always done. I do find myself staying up later when he's gone...like way later. I get to the point where I don't like going to be by myself.


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