July 3, 2012

Getting Closer

This is going to be a jumble of thoughts about being 38 weeks pregnant:

~As much as I hate the idea of being induced, I must admit I like having an end date.  It’s about a week or less until we get to meet Munchkin.  I’m starting to get very excited and a little nervous.

~Nana has arrived and we have everything we need for her arrival.  I think.  Mom and I have a shopping trip planned for the last minute things and then we’ll be all set…I hope!  I also keep telling Munchkin that she can come anytime.  I don’t think she’s as ready as I am. I keep reminding her that there’s more room out here and she’ll get lots of snuggles and kisses. It might help if she knew what snuggles and kisses are….

~The Man & I met up with Bonnie for a maternity photo shoot over the weekend.  I’ve only gotten a few teasers but I’m LOVING them so far!




Aren’t they great? 

~I’ve noticed that every time I sit down my legs are spread.  It’s not very ladylike.  I’m also wearing a skirt or dress most days so I have to start paying more attention to this! 

~The kitten are LOVING the belly, even more than before.  I almost always have one touching it when I’m sleeping…they take turns.  We’re wondering if they can feel/hear/sense the heatbeat.

~Sleep is becoming more elusive.  It’s really hard to get comfy so I sleep when I can, day or night.  I’ve also been puttering around the house and cleaning things here and there.  The kitchen sink got it this morning and the dishwasher the other day.  I’ve also cleaned some floorboards.  This is so unlike me.  The Man just lets me nest and do what I want.  He’s been great about vacuuming!  I think the inside of the fridge might be next…

~I’m very much over the heartburn.  I’m taking Pepcid AND Tums.  It’s so bad.  I’m praying it will go away once she’s here!  And we’re still hoping she has a full head of hair.

~I’m craving chocolate cake and fruit, two things I have to watch my intake amounts due to the GD.  My numbers are going a little over what they should be.  I’m so ready to be done with the GD!

~I know that I had more to share but pregnancy brain has taken over.  I’m trying not to complain too much because I am so, so thankful for our little girl.  In the end this is all worth it!

I hope you have a wonderful 4th of July!


  1. I'm excited for you! You look so happy. Those pictures are great!

  2. Love those pics!

    Hang in there- I found the last few weeks to be much worse than the first few with morning sickness. As for the chocolate, Jello makes a sugar free, fat free chocolate pudding that actually tastes really good. Hubby and I love it.

  3. Thank you! Our photographer Bonnie did a great job!

  4. That's the pudding I've been eating! I have to watch the carbs and milk counts but I've been eating it anyway, with cool whip. So yummy! And it counts as dairy too!

  5. Awww! Love the pictures! :)


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