December 20, 2012

5 Months

Munchkin is now 5 months!  I’m in awe of how much she’s grown and changed.  We love this little girl so much.  Have I mentioned that she’s amazing?  While she still hasn’t rolled…2012-12-18 15.57.01well, maybe she did, once.  She’s just not interested.  She likes to do her superman impression when she’s on her belly and she’s starting to push herself up on her arms.  She’ll scoot to get her toys but rolling over? No siree, not interested!   She’ll sit up on her own for a bit too.  She’ll fall over sometimes but I’m amazed that she’s sitting. 

She has her favorite toys, including her paw teethers, her rattle, her diamond ring rattle and her monkey.  She’s started to look at you while she hold them over the side when you tell her no she’ll bring it back in.  Then she’ll put it out again and drop it.  It’s fine when it’s at home but when we’re out I have to be on the lookout for toys.  We haven’t lost any yet but I’m sure we will!

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At her checkup this week she weighed in at 16 lbs 8 oz. and is 25 1/4 inches long.  That’s 90% for weight and only 50-75% for height.  I knew she wasn’t going to stay in the 90% for height but a mama could hope!  I’m not surprised she’ll end up short like her mom and dad. 

2012-12-18 15.59.27She just got an activity jumper and she LOVES it!  It’s her new favorite thing to play with.  Her feet don’t touch the bottom but we’ve placed our Wii balance board under it and it works great.  The sun might be her favorite right now.  It always in her mouth!


  1. Happy 5 months baby! My daughter was a big girl too, and still is!

  2. Oh how cute! The time really does fly by. Aubri has an exercauser and it's the best thing ever. So, it's awesome that she loves her jumper.

  3. So cute!!! Cam is rolling over, but not sitting up!! How funny :) He LOVES his exersaucer, too...EVERYTHING goes in his mouth!!!


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