December 28, 2012


At 5 1/2 months we decided to give Munchkin carrots.  She’s been reaching for food even more than before.  She grabbed Nana’s English muffin and tried to put it in her mouth, only to be disgusted with the taste.  Eventually she’ll get the hang of eating cause she didn’t like the taste of carrots either!  She wanted to help me with the spoon and when I finally got it in her mouth she was not impressed.  She got two or three small bites in before throwing it up.  We’ll wait a few days and try again.  In the meantime, you can enjoy the pictures The Man managed to get while I was feeding her.



  1. LOL. Very cute!

  2. Haha! We gave Marsh peas as his first solid. He kept making faces, but still ate them and he never looked back.

  3. We've tried peas (well, a pea) and she rolled it around her mouth and spit it out again. I don't think she's ready yet. I'm ok with waiting:) She'll be eating soon enough!


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