January 18, 2013

6 Months



Munchkin is 6 months. It’s incredible to look back at pictures from when she was firstborn and see how much she’s grown!  Not only has she gained weight and gotten taller but she’s learned all sorts of new skills, like she should be.  I’m loving almost-every-minute (the getting thrown up on while The Man was out doesn’t make the cut) of being her mommy. 

We have a talker on our hands. Right now she just loves to babble. About what, who knows! I have a feeling that when she does start to use words she’ll be talking my ear off.  We shouldn’t be surprised, because if you ask my mom she’ll tell you I did (and maybe still do!) the very same thing.  P1140236

She still hasn’t rolled over but we are now sitting unassisted very steadily.  When she is on her belly she has a very nice snake yoga pose too.  She’s also mastered the art of pushing herself backwards on the hardwood floor.  She LOVES it when we let her stand on our legs.  She just holds onto our fingers for balance.  She’s super cute because she’ll often look around for her furbabies.  She’ll peer around my shoulder to my right, actually leaning that way.  Then she’ll lean left and look around my shoulder that way, complete with an intense look of concentration on her face. If she hasn’t spotted any of them she’ll try to turn her body around and look behind her.  When she spots one of them, any one of the four, she gets this big grin on her face and will giggle. She loves her furbabies!  Molly, Joey & Allen all let her pet them. Edgar still isn’t sure about the baby.  She loves Joey’s soft ears and Allen’s tail. She likes to blow raspberries at Molly.

She loves to play with her toys.  Sophie is still a favorite, as is her activity jumper.  She’s really jumping in it now.  We’ve attached an P1140242owl to it and she loves to gnaw on the things hanging from the bottom.  She likes to chew on books.  She’ll chew on anything really, including her toy phone, plush blocks, Violet the puppy…you name it and it’s in her mouth.  She has lots of favorite little toys that I often give her while she’s in her bouncy chair.  She’s almost too big the bouncy chair and I’m probably pushing it at this point. I haven’t figured out how else to occupy her while I shower though so for now it stays.  We have play stations that we rotate through during the day…her room, her crib (I’m trying to get her used to it. She’s usually only in there when I have to go to the bathroom), the living room floor, the jumper, the bouncy chair, my lap. 

We’re still going strong on the Mama milk.  We’ve introduced carrots (she didn’t liken ‘em) and pumpkin (which was ok.)  I gave her a small piece of chicken the other day and that was a hit.  I have an avocado and a mango just waiting to be but up and tried.  Soon.  This cloth diapering mama isn’t totally ready have to deal with real poo.  I already miss EBF poo.  But what goes in must come out and I will deal with it.  Soon.  I promise!P1140269

I’m in the process of adding in 9 month clothes and removing 6 month pieces that are too small.  I realized the other day that the sleeve of her onesie was more like a 3/4 length sleeve than a long sleeve! Oops!  Some of her pants have been a little short too. I’d like to blame it on her fluffy butt but…probably not.  Maybe she’s actually grown a bit!  We’ll find out at her next appointment.

I think that’s it for now.  I’m sure the next month will bring new and exciting things.  After all, she is a growing girl!


  1. Oh she's getting so big! I love that she's always looking for the animals, my kids were the same way and after they were mobile they would search them out and follow them around. I bet she will do that too!

  2. She's so freakin' adorable! I can't wait to hold her tonight!

  3. She's so cute! And I love her headband!

    I usually take a shower while she plays in her Exersaucer, which I'm guessing you don't have? We love ours though, so it may be worth looking into.

  4. I totally agree! And thanks:) And you can hold and snuggle all you want while you're here!

  5. Thanks! Nana got the headband at a craft fair. I'm surprised it stayed on her head as long as it did. She often pulls it off!

    We don't have an exersaucer but a jumper thingie that's like one. It has the frame and she can jump and has toys all around and the seat rotates. She loves it. Except if I leave her for too long she cries. A shower is pushing it. I might have to try it though otherwise I'm going to be pretty stinky!

  6. Aww happy 6 months! The poop isn't too bad until it really turns into big-kid poop. Now it's gross! But half the time it's solid lol

  7. Thanks! We're still in the sludge stage...I think solid will be nice. Maybe:)


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