May 16, 2013

Feeding The Baby

*I know that there are a lot of differing opinions on the right time to start solids and the best way to do it. I’m sharing how we started solids.  If you did something different, I’m not saying you’re wrong or a bad parent.   

We started Munchkin on solid foods at 6 months.  The first thing we tried was some home made baby food.  I think it might have been carrots.  They didn’t go over so well.  Munchkin really wanted to play with the spoon and there was no way she was letting us put it in her mouth.  The few times I did manage to get the spoon in she was not impressed.  We decided to wait a few days before trying again.  After all, she was getting all she needed nutrition wise from the mama milk.

The next time we tried we decided to try something I had done a little research on called Baby Led Weaning.  The name is P1170293misleading.  It could be better described as baby self feeding.  Basically you give the baby food and they feed themselves, deciding what to eat and how much.  It really is as simple as that! I started with soft, naturally mushy foods, such as avocado, mango and bananas.  In the beginning Munchkin played with it more than ate it.  I was ok with that because I had been told several times, from several people that “Food before 1 is just for fun."  She was exploring and getting used to the food.  Eventually she started eating it.  It was super messy but I knew that going into it so it didn’t bother me.  Joey quickly became her best friend as he loves eating whatever falls on the floor! He will eat most of it.  He’s not a fan of kiwi though.

I usually have to offer a food two or three (though sometimes more!) before Munchkin will eat it.  She’s finally eating avocado and loving it! egg yolk 1 She also loves strawberries, cucumbers, kiwi, noodles and cheese.  She likes chicken and potatoes and she’ll eat a little bread, eggs and beef (doesn’t matter if it’s ground or in from a steak, she’s not a huge fan.)  My goal is for her to have two meals a day with real food but sometimes only one happens.  Sometimes three happen depending on our schedule and what’s in the fridge.  She really is eating whatever we’re eating.  It’s so nice to not have to have something separate for her! Munchkin and I went out to eat with my friend recently and she just helped herself to the baby carrots and some chicken off my plate.  My friend offered Munchkin her lemon and Munchkin had a great time sucking on it.  Apparently she likes lemons too!

Some of you might be scratching your heads.  Yes, I skipped giving Munchkin rice cereal.  She’s never had it and she doesn’t need it.  She’s never had any food straight from a jar or any purees other than that first attempt. I’ve tried apple sauce and she won’t let me put a spoon in her mouth at all.  She purses her lips together and shakes her head at me.  I’d love to get some yogurt into her as well so I’ve bought a few pouches to try.  I love that her favorite foods are fruits and veggies right now. I feel that it’s a great start for her and her health.  Hopefully we can keep her love of healthy food strong!

stuffed shells

Munchkin enjoying a stuffed shell at 8 month old

If you’re interested in more information on baby led weaning, check out this page for info on how to get started!


  1. Your friend loves lemons herself. ;-)

    When you get back home, we need another girls' night out!

  2. We were big fans of BLW, too! Cora was such a great eater and loved lots of different foods at a young age. Unfortunately that all just went out the window once real toddlerhood started around 15 months! (Each day is still a new adventure over here.) But I do remember going to a Mexican restaurant a few months ago and she ate refried beans, guacamole, rice, and a bunch of other stuff off my own plate. I'm glad it's working out for you!

  3. It is good to see other ways people do things. Not one way works for everyone. Learning various ways that people introduce foods will help me decide what to do with our little one when we get to that point.

  4. We did a modified BLW. We give Dominick all the food off our plates, but if I'm not satisfied with how much he's ate at the table I do give him purees to make sure he's nice and full otherwise he wakes up at night. I love that we can just give him anything and he eats it, I think it's way more convenient and I'm hoping he'll continue to be a good eater too. :)

  5. We love BLW!! It worked so well for us.

  6. What a cutie! Thanks for sharing. :)

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