August 13, 2013


We’ve been wanting to take Munchkin swimming all summer.  There are not many pools around.  It’s not like when I was growing up and several of my friends has pools.  People don’t really have pools here, they have spas.  It’s not the same.  We do have the ocean but it’s cold so I’m not going swimming in the ocean. To go swimming we were going to take Munchkin on base (the Y also has a pool but we’re not members.)  Then one of the guys The Man works with told him about the Bainbridge Island Aquatics Center.

I looked it up online and thought it looked great so we headed over for open swim.  The pool is great, especially for little kids! Many Waters Pool frog There is a tot pool that is for 6 and under and they have crate of toys that they kids can play with.  There is a frog that squirts water and is slide.  They also have buckets on a pole that when they are full dump water down.  One side of the pool is beach entry; the depth starts at six inches and gradually slopes deeper.

We were ready to get in the pool at the very beginning of open swim.  We put Munchkin in the very shallow water and just looked at her.  Anyone who saw us must have known we are first time parents!  We were both sitting in the water talking & looking at her.  She just looked around as there was so much for her to take in!  She walked in a little and we showed her how to splash.  She realized pretty quickly it was just like the bath tub, only better! 

Many Waters Munchkin excited in the pool Many Waters Mommy & Munchkin in the pool Many Waters Swimming with Daddy We spent over an hour in the pool because she was having such a great time.  We had her on her belly and on her back.  We “tossed” her back and forth.  I bounced her on my legs and we got her to kick her legs.  It was just fun.  We’re already looking forward to taking her back!  Swimming and pizza…what a great Friday night!


  1. Sounds like fun! We love taking Adelei to anything that has water because she just loves it so much!

  2. Sounds like fun! Kind of reminds me of the Aquatic center over by our house in Federal Way

  3. Kids+water= the best time EVER!

  4. Fun! I'm glad we have one that's "close" to us cause we'll be going there a lot!


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