September 15, 2013

The WA State Fair

Happy Monday Friends.  I hope you had a marvelous weekend!  We had a great one.  Saturday was a great day.Many Waters Father Daughter Oregon Ducks  We relaxed at home in the morning and in the early afternoon we watched the Oregon Ducks demolish Tennessee (we are NOT SEC fans in this house).  The game was looking a little iffy at the beginning when we were down by 7 but the boys showed up and played a great game.  Yes, we’re teaching Munchkin young to love football and the Ducks.  She loves watching the game on her daddy’s lap and she knows to put her arms up for a touchdown. 

We left at the end of the third quarter to head to the Washington State Fair.  Every year we talk about going and end up not going because something comes up.  This year we missed our county fair because of the cross country drive so I was determined to get to the fair.  We knew Munchkin would love the animals. 

First up once we arrived was fair food.  I mean, that’s one of the best parts of the fair, right? Nana share her funnel cake with Munchkin and it was her first time having it…she liked it (what’s not to like?!?)  The Man got fried apple slices.  They were super yummy!Many Waters WA State Fair Food

After that it was on to the animals!  We were right, Munchkin LOVED them!  We saw bunnies, chicks, cows, horses, pigs and dogs.  She really liked the bunnies.  I think she might be asking for one in the future, especially after a visit to the fair!  She was intrigued by the piglets.  There were some sleeping and then there were several who were playing.  One was quite aggressive and was nipping at a sibling’s ear.  He was cute.  Munchkin liked the horses but was a little intimidated by their size.  She liked looking at them but when the horse looked at her she would bury her head in her Daddy’s shoulder.  It was adorable!

Many Waters WA State Fair Animals

After that we headed to see the vendors and the quilts.  We were there on a Saturday night and the vendor hall was packed.  Nana was had the stroller and The Man was carrying Munchkin and we were not far behind her.  Out of nowhere there was this loud sound, kind of like a yoga ball popping.  No one knew what it was.  About 5 minutes later my mom complained about the stroller and that it was wheeling funny.  One of the wheels was flat.  That loud noise was our tire popping!  I was so glad I had brought the Ergo cause we couldn’t use the stroller for Munchkin anymore!  After that we found the quilts and enjoyed the amazing work that people can do.  It was inspiring!  Maybe I’ll start quilting again soon…

Many Waters WA State Fair Expo

After that it was FINALLY time for rides!  We bought our tickets and found a spot for Nana and Munchkin to hang out.  The lines were long and The Man & I felt bad leaving them alone for a long time so we didn’t do too many rides.  We did ride the wooden roller coaster and it was awesome.  We didn’t make it to the free fall or the other coaster but we did make it to two other rides.  It was fun to go on them with The Man, even if we were surround by teenagers!  A lot them needed more clothes on though.  Or does thinking that just make me old?  We also wanted to take Munchkin on at least the carousel but you have to be two so that was a no go.  There’s always next year!

Many Waters WA State Fair Rides

We still had some tickets left so we played some games.  We finally managed to win something at Ski Ball.  The Man and I each one a small stuffed animal.  We needed one more to trade up to a medium but we couldn’t win another one before running out of tickets.  Turns out it’s fine cause when we gave Munchkin the two we won she lit up.  She LOVES them!  She was so excited! We think it’s because she saw them up displayed and then when we produced them and gave them to her she thought we were the best parents ever! Or maybe that’s just what I hope she thought!

Many Waters WA State Fair Stuffed Animals

Over all we had a great time!  I’m already looking forward to next year.  I think we’ll go during the week when it will hopefully be a little less crowded.  Munchkin should be able to go on a few rides and enjoy the animals more.  I’m pretty sure we just found a new fall family tradition!

Many Waters The WA State Fair Ferris Wheel



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  1. Aw! I love it! I've watched shows about state fairs and you're right! It is about the food! That must have been so excited seeing your little one experience so much for the first time! We are big Cowboys fans in our house so I know what you mean with that too! Thanks for linking up to Mommy Monday! I enjoyed your post!

  2. Fun! We should definitely go to the local fair together next year! Actually, now that I think about the timing, I hope I can't go with you (we'd be due that time if the IVF works). If it doesn't work, let's definitely go!

  3. Aww, looks like so much fun! I always loved the fair as a kid, hopefully when my daughter's a bit older we can make it a tradition too. :) Stopping by from Mommy Moments & Mommy Mondays!

  4. How fun! Of course Munchkin loved the animals! (and funnel cake, heh). Our zoo here in Fort Wayne has a carousel that any age can go on, so Cora has been on it!

  5. Our zoo has a carousel too and she's been on it and loves it. She was upset that she couldn't go on it!

  6. Thanks for coming by! I hope you guys have a great time when you go:)

  7. Thanks for coming by! I'll look for the link up on Tuesdays:) I hope you find a fair to go to.

  8. YES! If not next year than the year after:)

  9. Thanks for coming by! And of the best parts of fall:)

  10. YUMMY! I LOVE fair food! So naughty, yet so delish :) linking with us for WDW!

  11. Looks like such a great weekend!!

    Thanks so much for linking up with us today!

  12. I love the fair! And SEC is way overrated ;)

  13. It was so much fun! Hopefully you guys can go next year:)

  14. It was fun! It will be more fun next year when Munchkin can go on rides:)


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