October 4, 2013

The Badlands

After leaving Aberdeen, SD, we headed to Rapid City.  Along the way we took a detour and drove through The Badlands.  As you drive along I-90, you can start to see the Badlands on your left.

Many Waters The Badlands South Dakota

As you drive into the park via the northern entrance, there are canyons on one side and spires of stone ahead of you.  We pulled into the first viewing area to take in the sites.  Munchkin was not happy about it.  We tried to get her to walk but she threw a hissy fit so Nana carried her.  After nursing her a little she calmed down.  I don’t think she really enjoyed the beauty but Nana and I sure did!  I was reminded of the Grand Canyon, though not as deep or as wide spread.

Many Waters The Badlands Cranky Baby

We drove through the park, as we were on our way to Rapid City.  I think we spent maybe an hour there.  I would love to go back and spend some time there and really explore.  We stopped at a visitors center and then kept on driving.  Munchkin was not a happy camper and we didn’t want to keep taking her in and out.  The landscape is extreme but gorgeous. 

Many Waters Badlands Collage


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