October 10, 2013

Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone, the first national park in the United States, is as amazing today as it was when it was created (or so I would imagine.)  It’s huge and full of incredible nature.  It’s hard to use words to describe it.  The shear beauty of Yellowstone takes your breath away.

We arrived through the east entrance in the afternoon.  Last time I drove through this entrance it was midnight, so I enjoyed being able to see where we were going this time.Many Waters Bison in Yellowstone  Munchkin was crying/screaming for most of it.  We stopped at the General Store at the Fishing Bridge to stretch, eat lunch and of course we browsed the merchandise for sale.  Munchkin was ok getting back in the car after and we headed up to the loop road.  It was slow going because there was bison everywhere.  I lost track of how many herds we saw after 6.  There were thousands of them, just about everywhere you looked.  People were stopping and taking pictures from the middle of the road.  It was kinda insane.

We took the loop road towards the West Entrance.  On the way we drove through the Virginia Cascade Loop.  It took a little but but we finally found the falls.  There was a river leading up to it and I had mom pull over at a turn off so I could go see the river.  Munchkin was asleep (thankfully!) so mom stayed in the car with her.  The air was cool but clean and crisp smelling.  It was quite and you could hear some birds and the river gurgling as it headed to the falls.  It was so peaceful.  I wish Munchkin had been awake because I would let her go wading, even though the water was cold. 

Many Waters Virginia Cascade Yellowstone National Park 

The next day we headed towards the geyser section of Yellowstone.  We stopped to walk along a path around some and we saw three go off.  It’s amazing to see water shooting out of the earth.  After that we headed to Old Faithful.  It was going off as we drove up so we waited around to see it again.  It was worth it. Many Waters Old Faithful Geysers

After a quick lunch at the lodge we headed to the Continental Divide, where we left the crowds behind (thankfully!) It was nice and peaceful, perfect for a Munchkin nap.  There was a little lily pad covered pond and it smelled clean and pure.  It was heavenly.

Many Waters Yellowstone Continental Divide

After that we continued driving the loop road.  We ended up back at the fishing bridge where we had come in the day before.  We decided that we would drive the whole loop.  Munchkin was doing great and it really wouldn’t take that long, would it?  I should have known better cause that’s what The Man & I said when we were there.  Yes, it does take all afternoon.  You would think that I would have learned from last time but no.  So we drove around and while we enjoyed it we were exhausted by the end.  We did manage to stop at Mammoth Springs and walk around.  Munchkin was sleepy so I carried her in the Ergo.  While we were heading back to the car I saw a man carrying a baby in an infant car seat.  While I agree it’s totally your choice to use one, I really wanted to let them try my carrier.  Who wants to carry a heavy car seat around Yellowstone?  Baby wearing is the way to go…so much easier and so much better for your back!

Many Waters Yellowstone Mammoth Springs

We were super excited to get back to the hotel but the mule deer and line painting slowed us down.  We really need more time in Yellowstone.  I think we have to plan another visit…soon!                                     


  1. Cool! I've always wanted to go to Yellowstone.

  2. Oh I so much want to visit Yellowstone. Thank you for sharing on sorry not sorry.

  3. We went to Yellowstone about 4 years ago! It was amazing - so many different types of landscapes and natural wonders all in one place. Totally worth the trip from Canada...would love to go back.

  4. I went to Yellowstone as a child and loved the beauty. It is very crowded during the summer. :)

  5. I love Yellowstone! It will be the highlight of our road trip back to Michigan if we get to do it next year.

  6. I can only imagine how many people are there in the summer! We went after Labor Day and it wasn't bad at all!

  7. I hope you make it back some day!

  8. Thanks for visiting! I hope you get to Yellowstone soon:)

  9. Maybe you guys can go when you get back from Korea!


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