November 29, 2013

Black Friday Shopping

I’m a fan of Black Friday shopping (in case you didn’t gather that from my Black Friday Shopping Tips post!)  It’s been a family tradition for more years than I can remember.  I pursued the ads as they came out.  There wasn’t much that I really wanted.  I did see a few things I wanted to check out nothing I HAD to have. 

The plan was to go out after our friends left.  We didn’t rush them out but enjoyed visiting with them.  We relaxed for a bit after they left and headed out around 6:45ish.  The one thing I wanted to try to get was the Little People Disney Princess Palace.  I had been on the fence about getting it for months now.  If I could get it on sale, great.  If not, there was always next year.  So last minute I decided we’re were going to go to Toys R Us first and then head to Target, Kohl’s and Penny’s.

We got to Toys R Us about 7, two hours after they opened.  The Man dealt with the cart while I walked the main aisle to see if I could get a palace.  I found it and there were two left.  I snagged one and did a little dance.  I was not expecting there to be any left, as they had been sold out on the Walmart website all week for the same price.  I also got a Mickey & Minnie outfit that we’ve been eyeing for 40% off.  It’s been 30% off for weeks, so I was happy to get the “extra” 10%.  We got in line and it moved quickly.  Everyone working was happy and it made for a great shopping experience. 

Many Waters Black Friday Shopping  After Toys R Us we drove by Target where the line was wrapped around to the back of the store outside.  I didn’t want to wait in line outside (especially with Munchkin) so we drove to Starbucks.  It was across from Walmart so we went there to waste time while waiting for Kohl’s & Penny’s to open.  It wasn’t too bad in Walmart, just a little crowded in the elctronics section.  There was no thing we wanted there so we left and headed to the mall.

Once at the mall we hit Penny’s first.  They have a Disney section and we wanted to see what was on sale.  Sadly, not much.  We didn’t buy anything there and headed to Kohl’s.  I had a free $10 and 15% off coupon and I wanted to use them.  I was going to get Munchkin another toy but she really doesn’t need anymore (we’ve kinda gone overboard on toys for Christmas.  It’s ok, we can.  We’re her parents and know she’s going to love everything we got her!)  So we found some PJ’s and some pants that she needs.  We went to get in line but it was really long.  Really, really long.  We stood in it for 5 minutes before deciding to come back later.  So we headed to Target.  Many Waters PJ Black Friday Shopping

We walked around Target and picked up what we wanted.  The line was long and once again we decided to not wait.  The stuff we wanted was not on sale so there’s no rush to buy it.  We did get some popcorn cause it smelled really good.

I must admit it was really nice to not feel the need that I HAD to get a deal.  Going out was fun and low key.  We went out just for the fun of it and it was just that.  Fun. 

Did you do any Black Friday Shopping?


  1. I also went to Kohl's today (Friday) and the line was too long. Gave my $10 pass to someone in line. Went back home and bought everything online with the 15% off promo code. My mom and sister dragged me to Toys R Us, and that went kinda smoothly for them. (What I wanted was out of stock already.) I haven't gone in at least 5 years, and I probably won't go Black Friday shopping again.

  2. I always go out on Black Friday, I love hitting up Target for their cheap movies and discounted clothes for gifts. I hate the idea of going out on Thursday though. I don't know how people do it, I couldn't really move after dinner haha

  3. We ventured to Walmart on Thanksgiving day, it was a mad house in there when we got there especially in electronics the section we went to for the item we wanted. We weren't after one of the popular items in the ad, we just had to wait for help and wait in line to pay for it. We also snagged Monster University for $9.96 on blue ray. We went to game stop yesterday afternoon and it wasn't crowded at all. I didn't shop as much as I normally do.

  4. We went to Wal-mart Thanksgiving night and the place was a zoo but everyone was in a good mood. Scored a lot of small things (board games, puzzles, etc) for $3. Went to Kohl's and waited in line for 40 minutes to redeem our coupons there, but we bought a $45 toy for $7 so that was worth it! Spent all day Friday shopping online. I super love Black Friday!

  5. We went out a bit on Friday. It was good!


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