November 5, 2013

Love/Do Not Love

My friend Erika at Chambanachik has started making a monthly list of things that she loves and does not love.  I’ve decided to borrow her idea and make my own list. 


Dressing Up: I loved dressing Munchkin up as Minnie Mouse.  She loved it too. She kept touching her sparkly top and the ears on the headband in wonder.  I’m looking forward to next year when she understands more of what is going on.

Fall Foliage: We’ve had some gorgeous color here in the PNW this fall.  The reds, oranges and yellows have been so vibrant!  It’s not the same as New England, but it’s close enough for me. 

Words: Munchkin has started to say “eat’ when she’s hungry.  I love that she can tell me when she wants food!  She’s also saying “nanny” for Nana and “duck.”   You can tell where our priorities are! Go Ducks!

Power: I lost my power cord for my sewing machine and I was a very sad panda.  I ordered a new one and it got it yesterday.  to celebrate, I made two pairs of toddler legwarmers and a ribbon headband. I felt so lost knowing that I couldn’t sew.  The world seems better now.

Overalls: I LOVE overalls on a baby.  I found some awhile ago at Goodwill for a buck (Baby Gap ones, lined.  Score!).  I just realized that they will fit Munchkin so she has them on today and she is absolutely adorable.  I haven’t been able to get a picture of her in them yet but it’s coming.  I promise!

Box: We got 25lbs of tomatoes and it came in a box.  As soon as the box was emptied, Munchkin claimed the box. She loves it and might be her new favorite toy.  Who says kids need expensive toys?  Sometimes cheap is best!Many Waters In a Box

Do Not Love:

Daylight Saving Time: This needs to go away.  I never get that “extra” hour of sleep.  I hate the change and that it’s now dark earlier.  I think we should just leave time alone and not change it.

Cold weather: It’s been cold.  I don’t like it when it’s cold.  I hate having to get up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night and the floor is freezing.  Someday we will have a heated floor.  Someday. (A girl can dream, right?)

Sickness: The four of us have been passing crud back and forth to each other.  It’s no fun and I’m ready for it to end. 

What are you loving and not loving right now?


  1. As someone in Seattle, I am totally with you on the darkness. I picked up my son yesterday from preschool, and it was full dark! He said, "Mommy, who turned out the lights?" I also love the fall colors. I posted some pics of my walk on

  2. Love it! :) Gotta agree with the overalls. Sky wasn't a fan of me putting them on Millie when we took her 3 year pictures, but I adore them. Just innocent and cute.


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