November 12, 2013

One Second

It only takes a second for something to happen.  One moment Munchkin was standing next to Nana’s chair and in the next, she was on the floor, crying because she hit her head.  It’s not surprising as she was standing on some paper.  Munchkin loves standing on things, usually her books or her toys.  We’ve been telling her not to stand on her stuff but she often forgets.  We’re working on it.

Anyway, as Nana picked her up and was turning her around and I caught a glimpse of blood coming out of her nose.  I think I said “There’s blood!” as The Man, who was sitting next to me, saw the same thing and was already getting up to take her from Nana.  As the transfer from Nana to Daddy happened I saw blood drip on the floor.

The Man carried Munchkin into the bathroom, with her crying the whole way.  The Man was getting covered in blood, with it coming out of her nose and her mouth.  There were a few seconds were we couldn’t tell where it was coming from until we realized it was coming from both.  The Man tried calming her down while holding a cool, damp cloth to her mouth.  She would suck on it for a few seconds before crying again.  I know that head wounds bleed a lot but still, there as so much blood.  I did my best to keep from freaking out at all the blood.

It seemed like forever but it was only a few minutes before she calmed down enough for us to make sure that her teeth were ok.  She wanted me so I took her and she snuggled right in.  It wasn’t until I was holding her that she completely calmed down, with a few crying hiccups happening every few seconds. 

Many Waters One Second

We cleaned off some of the blood and saw the damage.  Munchkin must have hit her nose, the upper bridge on down.  It looked like she might have bitten her lip as well as it was swollen and bloody.  It took a little time but Munchkin eventually fell asleep on me.  She slept for about an hour and half.  When she woke up she rubber her nose and some fresh blood came out and that freaked her out.  I think she tasted it on her lip too.  I calmed her down again and we snuggled some more. 

After getting some lunch in her she perked up a bit.  She continued to improve and was back to her old self in no time.  The swelling of her lip went down though she still looked like she got in a fight.  We decided that frozen yogurt for dinner was in order.  Munchkin agreed.  She’s doing fine now.  I think the whole ordeal was harder for me than it was for her. My mama heart hurt so much for her.  It’s hard when you can’t explain what has happened.  I know this is just the first of many bumps, bruises and blood.  I can only hope it gets a little easier with time…for both of us.

Many Waters Aftermath


  1. Ouch! That's a nasty first bloody nose!

  2. :( It's always hard. You know my kids, they get hurt not as often anymore, but those bloody messes are always hard. You just have to try to keep calm and "shrug it off" so they calm down faster. Ric's last one was hard on me and I'm just glad Josh could come home so we could make sure everything was okay with him and his poor teeth/frenulum

  3. Poor baby. I bet she loved the extra TLC. I hope she feels better quickly.

  4. Awe, poor lil munchkin! It does get easier. My 3 are 20, 14, & 11 and trust me we have had our share. From busted faces, kicked out teeth, and then of course the added sibling times when they smack each other too. My oldest has even already had his 1st auto accident, where he flipped his car. It is still scary, but easier. Thank you so much for stopping my Meandering Mondays! Have a great week!

  5. I hope my mama heart can take it as she gets older! Thanks for visiting!


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