November 14, 2013

Playing In A Tunnel

Grammy and Grampa bough Munchkin a play tent with a tunnel several months ago.  I think they gave it to her before she was walking, so I stashed it under her bed until she was ready for it.  I kinda forgot it was there.  Munchkin pulled it out from under the bed today so I figured why not put it together? 

Munchkin was a little unsure of the tunnel at first.  She sat at one end and just looked through it.  I was sitting on the other side encourging her to come through.  She started to go through a few times but then pulled back.  Finally she gathered up her courage and crawled on through.  She LOVED it!  Now she’ll crawl through, give me a kiss and run around to do it again.  I haven’t gotten her to just turn around and go back the way she came yet.  Maybe she just likes Mama kisses!Many Waters Tunnel

 Many Waters In A Tunnel 

Many Waters At The End

Many Waters Again

Also?  Munchkin loves boxes.  They are one of her favorite toys.  Maybe we shouldn’t buy her any toys for Christmas and just round up different size boxes instead….

Many Waters On a Box



  1. That picture on the bottom left of her on the box is too cute! It looks like a school photo!


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