December 13, 2013

DIY Hanging Ornaments

Two years ago I pinned this pin and haven’t been able to get it out of my head. Many Waters Hanging Ornaments I really wanted to try it last year but with Munchkin being 5 months old, I didn’t get to it.   So this year I mentioned it to The Man and he bought me a tension rod.  

We have this weird open space in our living room.  It’s between a doorway post and a post at the corner of a counter in our living/dining room.  It BEGS for something but is usually just open space.  So instead of hanging ornaments from a tension rod in a window, I did it in this space instead. 

You’ll need:

A tension rod

Curling ribbon or elastic (I used sparkly elastic made for presents)

approx. 20 ornaments but it depends on how wide the space is and how close you place them.

To make it:

1. Put the rod in place

2. tie one end of the elastic around the rod and then cut it a the desired length. 

3.  Tie an ornament to the hanging end of the ornament.

4. Repeat steps 1-3, varying the lengths of the elastic and the order of the ornaments, following a pattern if you want to.

Many Waters Pretty Ornaments

I had the ornaments and elastic on hand, so the only cost was the tension rod.  You can find inexpensive ornaments and ribbon, so this project doesn’t have to cost a lot.  I’m considering leaving the rod up and hanging different items for different holidays from it.  It could be cute!


  1. Neat idea! This would be a fun way to showcase all our Baby's First Christmas ornaments.


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