December 4, 2013

Getting The Christmas Tree

Every year during the weekend after Thanksgiving we get our Christmas tree.  This year was no exception.  The Man and his family would go and cut down their tree when he was growing up.Many Waters Christmas Tree 2013  I had always wanted to do this so when we got married this became our tradition.  I don’t mind at all because it has yet to be snowing and is never super cold when we got to get it (one of the many perks of living in the Pacific Northwest!)

The tree farm that we go to is about 15 minutes down the road from our house.  It takes The Man and I about 25 minutes tops to park, walk around and find our tree, cut it down, pay for it and leave.  For some reason we agree really easily on a tree.  I’m wondering how long it will take once Munchkin can voice her opinion!  Hopefully not much longer.

This year The Man spotted it right away but I needed to look a little more.  After finding nothing else I liked, I agreed that he had found the tree.  Once we got it in our house, I knew he was right.  It fit perfectly for where we want it.  Tree always look smaller in the wild and seem to grow when you bring them in.  This one did.  It doesn’t help that our ceiling are short.  I love sitting in a dark room with the Christmas light on.  It’s so pretty and peaceful. 

Many Waters Looking For The Perfect Tree

Looking for our tree

Many Waters With Our Tree At The Farm

In front of our tree before cutting it down

Many Waters Cutting Tree

Getting ready to cut it down

Many Waters Christmas Family Photo 2013   Our yearly photo in front of the wreaths.

Do you have your tree up yet?  Is it real for fake?


  1. I absolutely love real trees. One of my fondest memory growing up was going to pick the Christmas tree with my dad. David and I have a fake one now, but I hope when we have a larger home and are not traveling during the holidays we will be able to get a real tree too!

  2. How fun! I've only ever had one real tree but I might try to talk Lance into doing it once or twice once we have kids haha

  3. Such a cool tradition! We do this every year as well...our local super stores sell real tress but there is just something about walking around in a field and picking out that 'perfect' one as a family. We love it. Once your daughter starts to have an opinion your pick time will get longer...we have 4 voices added to our own and it takes us at least an hour...LOL :)

  4. This is a cool tradition. I haven't ever tried a live tree because I am always scared that it will catch on fire. I have an artificial tree that has prestrung lights, an after Christmas walmart special. ;)

  5. All our wrapping paper is from after Christmas sales:) Tags and ribbon too! We just keep it well watered and turn the lights off when we're not at home:)

  6. We went to tree lots around town when I was growing up. With just three of us it could take hours!

  7. You should, especially if you guys are back in the PNW!

  8. LOL! I thought it was weird a guy was answering.hehe. I don't think I have many males readers! I also have a fake one in storage. There's nothing wrong with fake!


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