January 16, 2014

Mere Christianity Critical Analysis Journal {A Review}

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We’re big C.S. Lewis fans in our house.  C.S. Lewis is The Man’s favorite author and he reads his books multiple times a year.  The Man quotes Lewis and we talk about his books on a regular basis.  I like Lewis myself, though I lean more towards his fiction writings, like The Narnia series.  I’ve tried to read his other works but have had a hard time.  I can do Screwtape and The Great Divorce with no problem but with some of his other writings I struggle with.  It’s when Lewis starts talking about things at a deeper level that my eyes cross and I want to throw the book across the room.  He writes in a circular way and it sometimes confuses me.
Many Waters Mere Christianity Critical Analysis Journal Review

Enter the Mere Christianity Critical Analysis Journal by Stacy Farrell.  In her journal, Stacy asks questions to help you think through and understand what Lewis is writing.  I found the questions very helpful and I didn’t want to chuck the book once!  Ok, maybe I still wanted to chuck it once or twice but I got further in Mere Christianity than I ever have before (I finished Book One!)

The Man, who reads Mere Christianity several times a year, answered the questions as well.  We each did Book One of the journal on our own.  Once we were both finished answering the questions, we went through and talked about them together.  I found this helpful as he was able to clarify a few points for me.  The Man and I also used the questions as a springboard for deeper conversation.  The Man loves talking about Mere Christianity and I often glaze over quickly.  This time I was able to actually discuss it with him instead of just nodding and acting like I knew what he was talking about.

The Man felt like some of the questions were obvious with cut and dried answers.  I didn’t think that there were as many as he did, maybe because he understands the book better than I do.  Some answers are more obvious than others and I think there is a nice mix of “easy” and “hard” questions.  All of the questions made me think in such a way that I was able to understand the material better.  I tend to read fast and often skim or skip important information.  Having questions to answer made me slow down and make sure I was understanding what I was reading.  I like that Stacy Farrell has written an answer key, so if there is a question you’re not sure about you can check and see what she meant.

I’m looking forward to completing the rest of Mere Christianity using the Critical Analysis Journal and talking it over with my husband.  I think we’ll use it with Munchkin when she’s older and she reads Mere Christianity (The Man will insist that she reads it!)  The journal will help facilitate family discussion on the book and help the kiddos understand what they are reading.  The Mere Christianity Critical Analysis Journal would also be great for small group study, a book group or middle or high school homeschooling families.  You could even use it alone, though I think the discussion it helps create makes studying the book more meaningful.

The Mere Christianity Critical Analysis Journal is available for purchase from Home School Adventure.  You can use the code 10OFFMC for 10% off through January 31, 2014. 
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  1. I really enjoy CS Lewis as well and will check this out ;) I read years ago A grief observed and didn't understand one word... Then I re read it. 10 year later and it made sense ;) on another note, I designed a printable with a quote from CS Lewis for my mantle. You can check it out if you'd like on my blog at http://kraftmint.com cheers!

  2. He's great, isn't he? He's DH's favorite!


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