April 7, 2014

Easter is for Families

Every year our church holds an event called Easter is for Families.  It’s two hours packed with fun activities that share the truth of Easter.  I attended last year with Munchkin but left early.  At seven months she wasn’t too into it.  This year The Man was able to go with Munchkin and I.  We had a lot of fun!  It was hanging out with our friends too.
Many Waters Easter Family Photo

It started with some coloring while we waited for everyone to arrive.  Munchkin love coloring so this was a hit.  We had pieces of stained glass picture to color.  They were all cut up and once they were colored you put the puzzle together and glued them down.  Then our Pastor went over Easter Resurrection cookies and shares verses about the death and resurrection of Jesus.  These cookies sound great and I’m looking forward to making them.
Many Waters Coloring
From there we went on a scavenger hunt throughout the church.  There were seven locations with six eggs and the seventh had a cross.  In each egg there was sticker and they went on the cross.  Munchkin LOVED getting the eggs and putting them in her pail.  She also loved putting the stickers on the cross with Daddy. (The Man started new classes this week and will be gone a lot more this quarter.  Munchkin really missed her daddy and loved having this time with him today! She’s 100% a daddy’s girl and I love it!) We then put the cross, which was a sticker too, on her pail. 
Many Waters Easter Egg Hunting
After that we colored sun catchers with paint pens.  It’s been years since I’d painted a sun catcher.  Munchkin was starting to say “eat! eat!” over and over.  If you don’t feed her she gets louder so I gave her a couple of graham crackers.  That kept her happy while The Man and I painted.  I’m not a perfectionist by any stretch of the imagination.  My colors mixed a little in the small spaces but it still looks good.  (Four hours later and they’re still not totally dry and I smudged them bringing them in.  Oh well, they look great on our sliding door.) 
Many Waters Sun Catchers
After that we had some music time with egg shakers.  Munchkin LOVED the egg shakers.  It was a plastic egg filled with popcorn kernels taped between two plastic spoons. Super easy and yet so well loved.  We sang songs and she clapped shook the egg and had a great time. From there we had a snack and then headed home (well, not really home.  We went shopping for my new gas stove.  More on that later!) 
Many Waters Egg Shaker


  1. This looks like so much fun! Love all the pictures. :)

  2. How fun! I love how casual and interactive that all was. Very cool!

  3. This is really awesome!
    Jim's mom has been doing this thing with Abigail where they open up 12 Easter eggs with small things inside them and they tell the Easter story. She absolutely LOVES it and she has learned more in depth about communion{last supper} and Christ's death and resurrection. This year has really been amazing watching her little heart grasp big truths!
    Anyway! I'm so glad you guys got to do this!

  4. what a fun family activity!! the egg shaker seems like an easy to do at home craft/music too!!

  5. What a nice time of family, fun and faith - how great that your church does this!! Thanks for your encouraging sharing at MaMade Blog Hop :-)

  6. It was a lot fun! Way more than last year cause she was able to do stuff this year. She LOVED looking for Easter eggs:)

  7. We did Resurrection Eggs last year at Easter is for Families! I still have them somewhere. I should bust those out! It is amazing to watch them learn big truths, sometimes much better than we do!

  8. The egg shaker would be perfect to do at home! Super easy and most people have everything for it!

  9. Thank you! And thanks for visiting:)

  10. Oh goodness. Isn't that the truth? There is a reason Jesus said to have child like faith. They just get it.


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