August 18, 2014

Seaside, OR

After exploring the batteries at Fort Stevens and the Peter Iredale Shipwreck and taking a nap, we spent the evening in Seaside, OR.  It’s a smallish town with a nice sandy beach, something I’m not really used to seeing in the PNW.  It was sunny and breezy on the beach and we were quite comfortable wearing jeans and sweatshirts.  We were surprised by the sun…a sunny day on the coast?  That’s not something that happens all the time!
Many Waters Seaside OR

We were ready for the beach with our sand toys and a kite.  Munchkin hadn’t been exposed to sand in over a year so we were excited to see how she would react.  We also had the pups and we KNEW that Molly would make a beeline for the water, as she loves it.  Joey, not so much.  He can be a PITA and I was nervous about how he would do but he surprised me and did great!  We let them both off leash and Joey didn’t stray far from Molly and Molly stuck close to us, so it worked out perfectly. 

Many Waters Beach Puppies
When we found the spot we wanted the settle in, the first thing The Man did was get the kite out.  It was nice and windy.  He got the kite put together and up in the sky in no time.  It was the easiest kite flying that I’ve ever seen.  He basically just tossed it in the air and that was it!  Munchkin was fascinated by the kite and had a great time flying it by herself.  Once it got old for her I got to hold the kite for the rest of the time.  As we were leaving we passed it off to a kid that was walking towards the water with his family.  They didn’t believe that we were just going to give it to them but we managed to convince them.  I think it was his first time having a kite!
Many Waters Putting the Kite TogetherMany Waters Kite Flying with Daddy Many Waters Kite Flying 
While I held the kite, The Man and the kiddo built a sand castle. It’s probably more correct to say that The Man built the castle while Munchkin played in the sand around him.  The puppies frolicked in the sand as well.  Molly chased the ball and Joey chased Molly and sniffed around to his hearts content.  We even let Molly got swimming in the water so she was a super happy puppy!
Many Waters The Finished Sand Castle
Many Waters Molly pup in the water

Once we were done at the beach, we went in search of dinner.  We ended up having Vietnamese which made me extremely happy.  I had a huge bowl of delicious Pho while The Man had noodles and Munchkin snacked on both.  Then we hit the carousel before getting some dough and heading back to the beach to watch the sunset.  It was a fun family evening.  I’m hoping to make a trip to the Oregon Coast a yearly family tradition!
Many Waters Pho Many Waters Seaside Sunset


  1. sounds like a great day! I love Seaside.

  2. Have you been to Cannon Beach? We are headed there this weekend. One of my favorite places!

  3. I LOVE Oregon, I'm a Washington native and always ventured to Oregon, such a relaxing place! Cannon Beach is a must, my ultimate favorite place to drive to!

  4. It was:) How are you guys doing?

  5. Nice! I haven't made it to Cannon Beach yet but it is on the list of must visit places! What is your favorite thing to do there?

  6. I haven't been there yet! I hope you have a great weekend and have awesome weather! Anything fun planned for while you're there?

  7. We are going with friends who also have a toddler, so we are mostly looking forward to playing on the beach with the boys, swimming in the pool, eating! :)

  8. That pho looks delicious! And I'm impressed y'all got the kite in the air. Our family has failed numerous times this summer trying to fly a kite. We've given up.


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